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'Animals & Painful Plastics - contains very interesting and valuable piece of information.
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I agree with the "If only they could talk" Well they can, but we just dont understand them, lol, most of the time anyways! Very cute site, I 
could just look at those pictures forever =).
Beautiful, fun pictures and humor. However, I'm worried about those hamsters hanging from the wash line. Someone help them down, please!
Meena Thro' E-mail. 
Went through your blog and in particular the above topic. It is but natural for a student vet to go blank on seeing a "a lovely brown haired girl". Ha, ha, ha..... Let me now share my childhood experience here. Visiting a hospital usally gets on my nerves and i detest going to a hospital. I had no option but go to a hospital when my hand got fractured. My father took me to a hospital and after the first aid, we were waiting outside the doctor's cabin. All of a sudden, my father asked what"s the name? Without giving a second thought, i immediately replied "meena".
My father couldn't control his anger and replied don't i know your name. I was asking you to read the name of the doctor from his name board.
Even now, if i think of it, i feel stupid, but it makes others laugh loudly and enjoy the scene. 

On post -it should' nt happen to a student vet!




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