Amazing Animal Love!

Romeo and Juliet got nothing on these loving birds.

If  you love to read my writings here, you would have never missed two of my earlier writings about animal emotions; if you liked it, by this time you would have become a VEGAN.

This touching picture of  a true love did something in my heart and tears rolled out of my cheeks.

The two Guangdong geese share one last kiss before becoming man’s food. Heart breaking snapshot of the tragic pre-slaughter parting of two heterosexual geese has captured the hearts of animal lovers across the world after Valentine's Day.

The two were raised at a Chinese family home in the rural city of Meizhou, where they enjoyed a little over a year together. It’s really painful to see the male kissing the female tied up towards man’s slaughter at another home and the male thereafter sacrifices itself for the man who raised it.




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