The life of all creatures are distilled into on great moment of supreme effort at the time of mating. It is the moment when a species matches the best males with the worthiest females. The DARWINIAN CONCEPT of the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST seems to be given form during the act of mating.

When the PARAMECIUM and HYMENA are mating, they release into the water chemicals that stimulate mating behavior among the same or related kinds of PROTOZOA.
Innumerable chemical lures are used by animals of the sea. All the OYSTERS LOCATED ALONG a 400 mile stretch of shoreline, for instance, are immediately sensitive to signals received from their colleagues. The flavor of the water tells them another oyster has begun to discharge sex cells.
The SPONGES have an exact sense of the season, the time of day, and the stage of the tide.
In the depths of the ocean, more complex creatures use touch and luminous markings to find their mates. Some underwater animals use electrical pulses to send sex signals.
WHAT IS MATRONE? The ordinary HOUSEFLY AND THE YELLOW – FEVER MOSQUITO receive sperm cells from only one male. The Buzzing sound of the mosquito’s flight attracts every male within hearing distance and any male able to grab he would copulate if she would let him. A dozen different males may attempt to inseminate her, but she won’t co operate. When she finally does respond, the deed is done quickly, and at the moment of insemination she receives a substance from accessory glands in the male that puts an end to her willingness to accept any more sperm. The substance is named as MATRONE, a chemical chastity belt which makes the females permanently unrespective.
The recent research has shown that the virgin queen (Honey bee) on her mating flight has catholic sexual tastes. The first drone to catch her gives her only about 1/6th of the number of sperm cells she will need for her life of egg-layings. He pulls away from her, tears off the reproductive parts of his body, and dies soon after he hits the ground. The flying queen expels the remains of the drone and accepts second lover. She repeats this performance until her storage sac is filled. There the sperm from six or more successful males is thoroughly mixed and chance alone determines which male fathers any queen of the next generation.

FISHES: The male remain in the vicinity of his nest until a female swims near. On seeing her, he performs what has been called a ZIGZAG dance for he swims in a series of short curved rushes around her. If she is responsive, she curves her head and tail upwards. This signal to the male causes him to swim near end then down to his nest entrance; the female follows him. At the entrance the male nudes the opening with his nose and the female pushes past him to swim into the nest, remaining with head out of one side and tail the other. The male than pushes the side and her tail persistently, a signal which causes the female to release her eggs to the nest.

The croaking of FROGS brings the males and females together, though the male may not be sure which is a female's and which is a male's croaking. Only when he grasps another male does he learn his mistake. The gripped male grunts, and the sound is enough to dislodge the amorous hold of the other frog.

Male REPTILES, with the exception of the unique TAUTARA, keep their sex organs hidden until they are ready to mate. Mate LIZARDS AND SNAKES have two hollow sex organs in their tails. Though both of the penis are operative, the creature uses the one which is closest to the female’s orifice.
Male SEA TURTLE have a difficult time just getting mounted on their slippery mates, and many clumsy attempts are made—before success is achieved. But once on top, the sea turtle makes sure of his position by gripping the front tim of her shell with their two big claws.



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