CHIMPANZEES: Usually four males will accompany an estrous female. The female grooms an adult male, and the male shows an erection. The male moves away a little and the female follows him. She lay down on her belly on a branch in front of him and copulate with him for a few second in a sitting position. A second male approaches the female and groom her while a 3rd manipulates his own erect penis. A little while later three of the males groom each other, the female having moved off.
KISSING IN FALKLAND SEA LIONS: These lions come ashore and use their undulating necks to fondle and touch each other. Occasionally their mouths meet in what can only be described as a KISS.

COURTSHIP GIFTS AND THE SHARING OF FOOD are common ways in which animals reinforce the bond between mates. To his intended partner, the male ADELIE PENGUIN brings a stone, his first contribution to the crud nest that will be built on the cold ground of Antarctica.

PENQUINS look for their mates by making a bugling call. Male penguins generally stay in one place, lower their head to their chest and call out to the females. Once they find one another, they would stand breast to breast, repeatedly bow to each other and sing (okay, “bugle”).penguins look for their mates by making a bugling call.
The male of one PARROT family moves his head convulsively and regurgitates seeds, which offers to his female.
The dog FOX delicately approaches a VIXEN and drops a mouse at her feet.

HIPPO ladies don’t exactly go for metrosexuals. To impress them, males use their tails to fling their feces — a highly-efficient way of conveying olfactory cues about reproductive health.

ELEPHANT Males conduct their courtship over a period of weeks, squirting females with water, bringing them food and generally proving how nice they are.

During the rutting season, a cow ELK is stimulated by the bugle calls of the bulls, the snorting of young males as they clash antlers in shoving contest, the sent of bull-elk urine (and perhaps hormones in it), and the sight of a dominant animal posing conspicuously to display his size and antlers. The cow elk may dodge a bull until her time for mating comes. She rarely runs far, but she may kick the male if he presses too close. At times, she responds to his advances by stopping, moving her hind feet apart, arching her back, and discharging her urine, The bull often thrusts his nose into the stream to test its flavor to learn how soon the cow will be ready to mate.

When the DOG mounts the bitch the penis is not erect. The reason that penetration is possible is due to a tiny bone in the penis. This bone is known as the baculum. It is the baculum that keeps the penis rigid. At the base of the penis is tissue. Blood enters the tissue and it becomes swollen. Essentially the penis becomes trapped inside the female dog. This is when the tie happens. The two dogs remain tied until ejaculation has ceased and the swollen tissue shrinks back to its normal state. The tie is simply nature's way of ensuring the sperm enters and stays in the vagina. Nature doesn't leave anything to chance and gives the female the best chance to become impregnated.

Whole male CATS have barbed penises (much like a fishhook), and upon withdrawal, the female cat will often scream (whether from ecstasy or pain is questionable). It is also believed that the barbed penis stimulates ovulation.

There’s dancing and there’s dancing – like the moonwalk that the male MANAKIN BIRD does to impress the ladies!

GIRAFFES with that ridiculously long neck , mating is hard work for males. So, when a male happens upon a female giraffe, he will perform a procedure known as the "fleshmen sequence" to see if she is in estrus. First, he nudges her rump to induce urination. He then takes a mouthful of urine. If it tastes good to him, then he begins to court her.

When it's time to make little LIONS, the dominant male and a female in heat leave the pride for a few days and devote themselves to mating and sleeping. They will mate every 15-30 minutes for several days in a row. The rest of the time they will sleep, passing up all but the most easily obtained food.There is a certain ritual to the whole procedure. Typically, the female instigates the mating by arousing the King from his sleep. A bit grudging at first, the male soon rises to his reproductive duties and mating begins without any further foreplay. The inattentive observer is likely to miss the whole affair, for it is over within a few seconds. Both are then quick to fall asleep again until the next time.After mating, the female lion rolled over on her back. According to the guide, this helped promote conception.

CLOWN FISH live in a group consisting of a breeding pair of male and female, as well as some non-breeding males. There is strict hierarchy based on size: the largest is the female, next largest is the male, and then the non-breeding males.If the female dies (or gets fished, I suppose), the male will change sex and become the female! Then the largest of the non-breeding males will get a promotion to become the breeding male.

SNAILS’ genitals are on their necks, right behind their eye-stalks. Snails are hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female sexual organs, but they do not self-fertilize.Before two snails mate, they shoot "love darts" made of calcium at each other. People used to think that these sharp darts are nutritional gifts, like you give someone you love a box of chocolate.


The sex act is not the end of the sexual process among most of the animals. Many females need some rest while the sperms make their way to the eggs. For every action there is counteraction, and for every signal there is a sensor to receive it and interpret it. Sights,sounds,and smells all combine in an intricate interplay of courtship and mating that can only inspire the admiration of man.


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