the SPARROWS & the SORROWS       
  It is time to ask ourselves - Have we driven out the little bird?

It is still in my memory... my childhood days...I used to be excited about meeting a sparrow at the backyard of my home.  She used to come everyday morning exactly on time to receive my gift of grains,  and  I  enjoyed her reactions against a small mirror which I kept there. After pecking the grains she always looked at the mirror and pecking at her own image few times and then she flew away.I wondered what would be in her mind while looking at her own image - pride or jealousy! whatever it had been be , I liked the guest and her chirping!
And even once I had to hold carefully one of my unfortunate guests who got injured when she flew and got caught in the fan blades.I was so sad until she recovered and flew away.But I still could feel the softness and warmth that she made me feel.
But today, I am missing them. They were so much a part of our lives, and now no longer to be seen.
where have all the sparrows gone?” Have we driven out the little bird?
Sadly, humans and their lifestyle changed ,yes, these beautiful creatures are Disappearing!
Their shelters home gardens vanished, Pruned trees and exotic gardens are no longer liked by them.Rice and other grain not there in the home side and are now bought in shops, polished and packed in polythene bags and ready to be cooked, and no gunny bags for them to peck.  Combustion of modern fuel,the unleaded petrol produces compound methyl nitrite, which is highly toxic for insects which forms a vital part of their chick's diet no more available.The organ o phosphorous chemicals used in modern day pesticides drive them away from their adopted world. Emerging mobile towers emissions affect food insects and the hatching of bird's eggs.
Some of my human friends may not like this tiny bird as they were known for their bullying ways and for their nature of damaging nests of bigger birds.House sparrow so known as the English Sparrow, was introduced  to North America by European settlers centuries before.Unfortunately they become pest and  a threat to many native bird species due to over population and competition for food when they were introduced from one eco sytem to other,through human interference.
Sparrows like pigeons are syanthropes, means that live near and benefit from human habitations, as food was always available.
When environment went wrong,It is nature - plain and simple. It may be raw and upsetting at times but we need to understand that the birds are doing only what is natural to them.
Why do we need them?
"An ecosystem is a web of relationships, or interdependencies, between all the living things and which are themselves dependent upon the physical environment (e.g., a forest, woods, swamp or seashore)  Every type of animal or plant plays an ecological role in the ecosystem to which it belongs--such as by being a food source for another animal. Sometimes, however, an animal or plant species can be harmful to an ecosystem if its population gets too big,mostly because of human interference.
Adult sparrows are primarily "granivorous," meaning that they mostly eat grains and raw seeds. However, most sparrows are "opportunistic feeders" and will also eat fruits and berries, an activity that helps to spread these plants over larger areas (which impacts the local ecosystem). They also eat insects such as caterpillars (the larval form of moths and butterflies), beetles, certain flies and aphids.
Some insects---such as caterpillars and beetles---can destroy garden crops and fruit trees, while other insects, such as "dipteran" (double-winged) flies, can spread disease. Keeping insect populations in check is an important ecosystem function provided by many birds, including sparrows."

World Sparrow Day ON MARCH 20th is designated to give us an opportunity to protect this little bird for our world. 
We can-
Sprinkle grain on the terrace
Keep out nest boxes and clean water
Avoid chemical pesticides and insecticides – opt for organic ones
Lead a more environment friendly life
You can also join the World House Sparrow Day group on Facebook.
For more information visit:


Anonymous said...

As usual marvelous write up! Actually expected this post from you (on Sparrows)when i heard of World Sparrow Day. I appreciate your service to such creatures. Thanks for sharing it in indli.
- indli viewer

Dr. Mu. DHANASEKARAN said...

Thank you very much for your endearing comments.
I am really proud to have a follower like you. Your expectations,appreciation,and trust strengthens me more...

Pravin(India) said...

Dear Sir,
I am living in a small village in India and proudly here are lots of sparrows wandering in our backyard and house also.3/4 couple of sparrows makes their nests in every 15 days in my house. Thanks for your article!


First of all, people need to be made aware of the problem. Door-to-door awareness drives are required. Sparrow Day should be celebrated in every locality and building complex. Charts or news-clippings highlighting the problem should be put up on noticeboards in every building.

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