Are you surprised to see a beautiful Indian lady, awesomely dressed! 
You may ask me - What way this is relevant to an animal blog? Wait,
There is an interesting animal story behind this gorgeous dress material !

In India , a material of silk is the most valuable, elegant and prestigious gift. There will be no marriage celebration or auspicious day without a silk dress. A silk Saree, a traditional Indian dress for women is always regarded as an endearing gift, given by a Husband to wife, irrespective of their religion. Unfortunately even the pure vegan is not aware that the silk is a result of a mass animal sacrifice.
Silk is one of the most amazing and the most beautiful of all of earth's fibers. It is created by the protein secretions of silkworms which solidify to create the cocoon fibers. The silk fibre is a remarkable natural creation which is stronger than steel.

You may not be knowing the painful  fact  that 15 silk worms are being killed to get 1 gram of silk, 1500 silk worms are being killed to get one meter of woven silk (cloth), around 50,000 silkworms are killed in the making such a silk saree. The is the larva of a moth which spins a large amount of strong silk in constructing its cocoon. Yarn for a silk saree is usually produced by throwing live cocoons of silkworm into boiling water so that the silk can be drawn off and spun into threads, and woven into fabric.
The silkworm isn’t really a worm, ... it's a caterpillar! The silkworm has been used by people for over 4,000 years to make silk. The practice first began in China in about 2600 BC. The Chinese kept the secret of producing silk for thousands of years, trading silk to Europe and the Middle East. But eventually the secret of how to get silk from the silkworm was learned by other countries.

Can there be a green, eco friendly silk?
Can we create a biodegradable silk?
Can it be produced without sacrificing the creatures?
Can we make it to caress the body in the rich luxury of silk without  making us feeling guilty?    YES!

We can create raw silk without the use of any chemicals or treatments using insecticides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The silkworms are allowed to live out their full lives and die naturally.
Once Mahatma Gandhi gave a message to the Indian silk industry  that if silk can be produced without killing silkworms, it would be better.
Kusuma Rajaiah, an Indian man, has developed a new technique for producing silk that does not require killing silkworms in the process.  Rajaiah has won the patent for producing the Ahimsa silk. Rajaiah allows the moth to escape from the cocoon by waiting for 7-10 days and then uses the shells to produce yarn.

Most of the shops in India are selling silk sarees made with / without killing silk worms. I am sure,when you come to India , You will go for the silk- A silk without sacrifice!



dove said...

a good message excellently narrated

sandy said...

If the worms weren't killed for the silk what purpose would they serve? It seems it's all in the grand design. By the way beautiful pictures.
Aug Chall

Dr. Mu. DHANASEKARAN said...

When there is no need to kill,we need not kill any creature.This small and beautiful insects are vital for ecosystem and crucial for man's existence. This may not apply to every insect, say for example mosquitoes,flies.silverfish etc.,But we can't ignore a fact that we only created a spoilt environment to make them reproduce more & multiply, or interfering their habitats.

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
I'm stopping by to thank you for taking on the August Comment Challenge.
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Thanks again

Abhishek Pandey said...

Excellent article...such humane sarees/dresses are available now at "Ghatkopar Cloth Store" & various other places elsewhere

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