Snakes Series - I (Cobra Pearl)

As a kid I was really thrilled by the story and that made me to feel that such people were very brave and great;but I never knew at that age that I would be one day handling such snakes as my patients.

Our childhood days have many unforgettable memories. Whenever we listened to the stories of our Grandmothers, every story was  interesting, exciting and many times we were made to feel part of the character itself. 
One such story ‘Nagarathinam’ that always thrilled me , is the story about the snake gem, cobra pearl. 
Every one knows about  gem / diamond – the precious, dazzling stone. But my Grandma narrated about a mythical pearl, most precious and uncommon 'Gem' that the cobra snakes are said to possess.
She told me how people used to get this rare pearl Nagarathinam ( naga-cobra;  rathinam- gem)   from aged  cobras. When a cobra happens to live its entire life span without exhausting much of its poison,  it converts into a kind of hard solid material which possesses radiation, light emitting properties.  Such snakes will only come out during a dark night on a no moon day, using this stone on vomiting , the half blind  snake will find & attract its preys to fall into its domain of hunt. 
People waiting to fetch such wonderful gem-stone, hide themselves behind a tree,used to throw cow dung on it and mask the dazzling reflection  to fool the snake, and next day morning they procure such a wonderful stone, which is really hard to find.
As a kid I was really thrilled by the story and that made me to feel that such people were very brave and great. But I never knew at that age that I would be one day handling such snakes as my patients. 
I was so curious to see such stones whether it really existed when I happened to do necropsy on fully lived snakes.  I did find some fragments of stones, just stones which is common for animals with salivary gland. Yes they are simple calcareous particles and has no values. 
Sialolithiasis refers to the formation of stones in the salivary glands. When the secretions of any exocrine gland that communicates through a duct gets stagnated due to any reason say obstruction or blockage, it becomes pathological. The nidus of the 'stone' is usually crystalline and if left alone, it gets layered by the gland’s inspisated secretion and inflammatory exudates, including cellular debris. Any animal that has a functional salivary gland including humans, are prone for sialoliths.

I could realise that it was just a bed time story & snake-pearls to be a myth.

Let us discuss more in next week, Bye!


Anonymous said...

Nice post and very cute page design and content!
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Dr. Mu. DHANASEKARAN said...

Friend, I don't know you but,still you take the time to do nice things-Thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Very informative.


Lups.lxi said...

Thnk you... I was reli curious n wantin to knw tis...wether its real or a myth.

Anonymous said...

Good. Hope the content is true.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say..its NOT a myth at all..I have seen it..and I have held it a few inches from my palm...yes its so rare that people dont knw that it exists..but it does exist.If want to find it,then search for it in ONLY king cobras more than 15 years of age.

Anonymous said...

Naag Mani --- The Untold Secret of the Snake Charmer…!!
( What is the use of Knowledge if it is kept a Secret…!! )
What is a Naag Mani….?
It is a very rare and very expensive element/compound found in the Naag Raj, which have the power to make an individual super rich in a very short time.
What are the characteristics of a Nag Mani…?
Naag Mani is small very tiny somewhat a size of a rice grain, but elongated at both ends piece of a mysterical element/compound found in the Naag Raj, which glows/ radiates light when kept in dark place undisturbed/ in pin drop silence. The color of the Naag Mani is somewhat Honey coloured. And so is the light it radiates / gives.
Who / What is Naag Raj…?
The oldest snake is called the Naag Raj or the King of snakes. Few species of snakes live for a very long time, say about 150-500 years, even longer. Such rare snakes are termed as Naag Raj or the King of Snakes.
Usually the Naag Raj have moustaches or their face resembles somewhat very old humans beings. The are usually thick more like a python, but short. The usually comes in two colors Black and White. Unlike other snakes which have pointed ends their ends are blunt.
How is the Naag Mani formed…?
When snakes becomes old, they are unable to move faster / are not agile (similar in case of humans and other animals), hence nature does not leave its creatures to die, in such scenarios a part of the poison duct is transformed / gets converted into Naag Mani, thus radiating lights and attracting preys towards the source of light.
Take an example of a torch, if you light a torch at night then automatically many insects gets attracted towards it, hence similar is the case of Naag Mani.
It is said that the more older is the snake/ Naag raj more is the Radiation of the Light from the Naag Mani.
Mythical Explanation :
The Naag Mani is considered as one of the nine sacred pearls (Motee) and most of the books on gems give the procedure how it is formed, ie when rain drops in Swaati Nakshtra into mouth of the king cobra, the Mani develops, if it falls on the oyster than a rare pink pearl is formed, again if it fall on the coconut plat then Coconut mani is formed.. and so on….. Books also mention that it only happens in the cobra that passes one hundred years of life on earth.
Tests for Naag mani:
1. The Light test or the Radiation Test, the Naag Mani glows/ Radiates light when kept in dark in pin drop silence.
2. The flower Test. It is said that the bud of hibiscus flower when kept near the Naag Mani blooms, within 10-15 minutes time.
3. Water Test. (It is advised not to perform the water test coz it spoils the Naag Mani). When the Naag Mani is submerged in water after a while it comes to the surface of the water to take in air, and again settles in the bottom, again it comes to the surface for air and again settles down….

The above three tests can be made artificial/manipulated, hence there is a fourth test Kept a secret.

The only real reason why the rich and the influential are after the Naag Mani (though they have enough to last till their 4th Generation).
Longetivity, they want to live longer say for about 150+ years and look younger…..

Dr. Mu. DHANASEKARAN said...

Please read my article fully. There is no dispute that no such thing is existing. The dispute is only on the value and sentiments.

Like, Gold is a metal but human sentiments kept it apart. Gold has been used as a monetary standard throughout the history of mankind.

These stones’ power has not been validated or documented. Snakes have an average life of 10 to 30 years maximum. Only marine creatures have a life of 200 to 500 years maximum, example turtle can live 200 to 300 years & some very deep sea fishes and a marine bivalve mollusk like Ocean Quohog could live a life of 500 years.

I thank you for your interesting comments, though it is not acceptable for a scientist like me!

Dr Mu Dhanasekaran

Anonymous said...

Recently I got chance to see the nagarathinam stone from my grandfather. He didn't share this info to anybody...he is 98 now that could be the reason. The stone looks more lighting especially no moon day. I don't know how to check it.
Please share the info how to check it. But my grandfather is saying very costliest stone.
Suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

is there someone out there who can avail me with a snake cake to enable me trap this king cobra in my village which possesses the pearl? it occasionally comes in the dark and releases it and can leave it on for a long time.pliz, anyone willing to try this out with me can contact me at

Anonymous said...

Please leave these wonderful creature alone....we human step into there world for just our greed, its so bad... i don't know whether nagmani exists or not but i want to save them anyhow.

yudhvir singh said...

I have has same properties that you have mentioned...

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