that bring the whole new world…

"I waited for a good friend and I didn't find any.
         I went out to be a good friend and I found so many"


In humans, some friendships are for a reason, some are for a season and a few are for a life time; but , animals have no expectations and make it for a life time!
The most amazing thing  that we've ever seen between animals  is the unusual friendship that  occurs between two different species .
What surprising  is that it occurs even between the predator and prey!

Owen & Mzee
An unlikely pairing of two lonely creatures who find comfort,love and affection  when they are together - SEE MORE! 

Bless all of God’s creatures, and 
the Beautiful relationships even if accidents of nature!


Vera said...

Wow, these are amazing examples of animals relate to each other. My dog has one other dog friend, but he's moved away. I hate to think that my dog is missing him. I hope that he just think that he hasn't seen him because it's been raining, rather than because he's left already and moved away :(

Dr. Mu. DHANASEKARAN said...

Thank you very much. You words have boosted my energy.I would like to meet again & again a kind hearted friend like you!
I am really sad to note that your dog is missing his friend.Pl read my article in this blog- Do animals have emotions.

used stationary bikes said...'s amazing
i saw like this in oprah winfrey show. hopely human could like the animals who enjoy with their diferencess...

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