Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers!

A Mother is A Mother !

To me, the most wonderful reflex that was ever created by nature is the maternal instinct, that’s the one that actually differentiates the animals from plants.

Have you ever been thrilled while selecting a puppy from the same litter? - Some of them look alike,  having almost the same color, size and characteristics. Have you ever wondered how the animal mother differentiates her off springs very easily from one another when they live together, when most of the young ones of the same species from different parents are identical in shape, color, size etc? Even we humans sometimes find difficult to differentiate between twins. But animal mothers can easily recognize their young ones. How is this possible?
We as human, are different from each other from the body odor which is actually created by our skin sebaceous glands. But the sensory system of common human can’t so easily differentiate the individual smell, except by some unfortunate human beings. Yes, people born with blindness develop extra ordinarily the three senses- smell, sound and touch. Dogs can differentiate the odor of every human and get hooked to the odor and trace the culprit from the accident area.(Read More Here- How Dogs Trace The Culprit).
The mother animal uses ones of the four senses to recognize her young ones, that is, smell, sound, touch or sight. Many mammals can separate their children from others by smell which is common among sheep, horses, seals and deer. The mother sniffs the smell and notes it in her memory as each young one when born, has a particular smell. When the need arises, she merely sniffs around among the young and finds her child.
If you call love a "human" quality, I would call mothering a very animalistic, primal thing. Compassion, love, nurturing, protectiveness are their in born quality.
To me, the most wonderful reflex that was ever created by nature is the maternal instinct, that’s the one actually differentiates the animals from plants.


Anonymous said...

Yes you stand there! Compassionate post.
-indli viewer

Nanalin said...

Indeed, a very compassionate post. Animals do love their offsprings. Same with my cat who has three kittens. Very nice post.

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