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There was a movie called ‘A Beautiful World’. The movie was shot when there was a severe drought and the forest was dry and the movie takes us to a scene at the interior of a forest ….There used to be a pond with little water-you would see a lion sitting in front of the pond and guarding the little water. 
Suddenly a sound and you would see a deer coming there to quench her thirst and the moment when you feel the lion will kill her, the lion will never do it, instead he will chase out the deer and come back and continue to sit in front of the water to preserve it for him. One can control hunger but never a thirst.
Scorching summer is ahead in a tropical country like India. Men know many ways to save themselves. Nature is kind to help the life forms by giving watery, juicy fruits, and in between summer rains to control temperature. But increased exploitation of nature by humans only threatens the other life forms and the summer makes them a risk for survival!
I have seen during summer that how birds and animals struggle to get a drop of water and I am touched to see that how do they slip and enjoy by dipping themselves into a little, available water. I am thrilled to see even the reaction of weathered plants after watering, how nicely they renovate.

Let us do something for this summer:
Let us keep some pan of water whether at home side , garden or at outdoors  for animals like squirrels and birds , for those in  search of cooling moisture.
Let us keep some trees and cool shelter for them to relax.
Let us don’t forget to water the plants.
Unfortunately, summer for our pets, not only for dogs and cats but even for pet fish brings increased hazards to their health and safety. If we are careless, they too are prone for pests, illnesses and hazards that become a danger in the warmer months.
Let us discuss more in next week. READ PART -II HERE


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