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Everyone who owns a dog would be a happier person when compared to someone who does not have one. It’s a beautiful feeling to know and to be very sure that you have a loyal friend and a supporter, who yearns to stay with you during each and every moment of his life. To each and everyone who owns a dog, the memory of his first dog is more powerful and sweeter than the memory of first love. The happiness you get when you hold the little warm body in your hands, feel his soft pink nose and  see the way he comes to you with his tiny pink paws, is the one you can treasure and still feel happy about several years later. This little puppy, who one day will become a big old wise dog, will still have his child like heart that is always filled with love and adoration for you. No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.
They are real fun to be with. They are just like your little boy or girl who breaks things at home, messes with the clothes and the floor, turns up home shabbily after a day of playing in the mud. Once you look at their big tails wagging in all possible directions, all you will feel like doing is to laugh and run a hand through your hair

Spend time with your pet to bring  some balance in your life. Start training when he/she is brainy ready. Readiness of age depends upon  the breed character. Never torture for the sake of training. Reward-based training shows dogs what we want them to do, which is more effective than punishing dogs for what we don’t want them do. Never hire a third person to do the job. Even if they promise to use reward based methods, don’t let them take your pet out of sight . Train without pain and you will have a well adjusted companion that looks forward to being with you.


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