Written by : Ms.NivyaShekher
Most of the houses that have dogs will have a sign on the gate that says ‘BEWARE OF DOGS’ in big bold letters. We would not know whether the dog of the house is a huge bear like animal or a scrawny little one but the words on the sign makes us think twice about entering into the house. I’m totally against this idea of portraying the dog like some big bad monster set out loose. It’s not fair on our part to treat them in a way they don’t deserve. Rather than the old conventional style of the warning sign we can use different signs that will make a person to both respect and like your dog as well as think twice about getting inside the gate.
See here how I made it for my Harry – My lovely lab and you can also enjoy noting the funny sign boards available around the world.

My Dad who is a Vet and  an Insurance specialist says that a sign on the gate never excludes one’s liability towards third persons in case if they are bitten by our ferocious friend and there are insurance policies are available towards third party liability. Pet dog insurance has also such additional cover for those who want . I feel that one should train our friend properly as prevention is better than cure.

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Rituraj said...

Nice one..

Launch Business in Delhi said...

What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.

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