‘Stop drinking alcohol , otherwise it would be fatal! ’
- Doctors say so to patients of chronic alcoholic hepatitis. Why?
 If they stop, they can save their life from deteriorating hepatic tissue  otherwise which would result to cirrhosis, hepatic failure and death.
Up to the stage of hepatitis, the tissue can do auto repair and regenerate to restore.               In Human body, tissues like nail, hair, skin, bone tissues can regenerate. But only two organs can completely regenerate itself even if three quarters of it is lost – one is liver and the other is adrenal gland.

Many animals can regenerate—that is, regrow or grow new parts of their bodies to replace those that have been damaged. Here are a few of these amazing creatures.
Lizards can regenerate lost tails but rarely is the new one full sized but it lacks the backbone of the original tail.
Planarians flat worms, if cut into pieces, each piece can grow into a new worm.
Sea cucumbers have bodies that can grow to be three feet long. If cut into pieces, each one can become a new sea cucumber.
Sharks continually replace lost teeth. A shark may grow 24,000 teeth in a lifetime.
Spiders can regrow missing legs or parts of legs.
Sponges can be divided. In that case, the cells of the sponge will regrow and combine exactly as before.
Starfish that lose arms can grow new ones; sometimes an entire animal can grow from a single lost arm.
Crabs, lobsters, and crayfish are able to break off their limbs at will – a process called autonomy.
Earthworms are able to regenerate new bodies as long as the front part containing the vital organs is present.
Insects, too, missing legs and antennae can be regenerated but do not develop fully until after at least one molt. A pad of regeneration tissue develops at the wound and forms the missing limb.

This doesn't generally happen in Human & mammals because, for unknown reasons buried in our evolutionary past, we have lost this mechanism to reprogram cells in the body and make them able to form any tissue. Scientist are exploring and could achieve something in Fingertip Regeneration through Stem Cell Activation Therapy (ref.


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