Animals often communicate among their own species and sometimes they even try to communicate with other species. Though most communication is done through body language, interestingly sometimes, also through their sounds and odors. Animals often mark their territories with smelly urine. Odors also indicate when a female is sexually receptive.
Animals communicate  and express their feeling so nicely if they like the presence of a mate or man. They also express their displeasure if deprived or they are aggressive if feel threatened.
Threatening postures of animals are the most obvious body language we see.  The  Dogs will show their teeth and cats will arch their back to make themselves appear bigger. Each species has postures that warn others in their species that the animal is ready to fight. Other species also recognize these signs.

Elephants trumpet in a very low tone that humans cannot hear but can feel. They are letting their presence known to other elephants up to 5 miles or 7.5 kilometers away. They might let others know of a nearby watering spot.
Spider monkeys have certain calls to indicate a predator is in the area. Sometimes a young monkey will make such a call, to the discernment of the elders.
A Beaver will loudly slap its tail when danger approaches, warning the other beavers to seek safety.
Rabbits can get angry and show it by hissing. They will drum with their feet if they are feeling scared. To use body language to let you know that they are hungry, they will go so far as pushing their bowls around with their noses.
Baby animals when play, they use various postures and body language to let the other youngsters know it is play.
Cats , like humans express self-satisfaction, pride or cockiness by walking very erect and throwing their head ,do express by stalking or prancing around, head up and tail in the air.
Dogs protruding their tongues and liking their mouth shows many times that they like or want the food.
Apes have huge eyes and just like humans, are able to express their feelings and emotions -Sadness, joy and fear are shown by opening eyes wide, narrowing them or half closing them like us.  


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