Veterinary Medical Ethics

The principal objectives of the veterinary medical profession are to render service to society, to conserve our livestock resources, and relieve suffering of animals.  A veterinarian should conduct himself in relation to the public, his colleagues and their patients, and the allied professions, so as to merit their full confidence and respect.
A veterinarian may choose whom he will serve.  Once he has undertaken care of a patient he must not neglect him.  In an emergency, however, he should render service to the best of his ability.  He should not solicit clients.

A veterinarian should not employ his professional knowledge and attainments nor dispose of his services under terms and conditions which tend to interfere with the free exercise of his judgment and skill or tend to cause a deterioration of the quality of veterinary medical service.

A veterinarian should strive continually to improve veterinary medical knowledge and skill, making available to his colleagues the benefit of his professional attainments, and seeking through consultation, assistance of others when it appears that the quality of veterinary medical service may be enhanced thereby.
The veterinary medical profession should safeguard the public and it self against veterinarians deficient in moral character or professional competence.  Veterinarians should observe all laws, uphold the honour and dignity of the profession, and accept its self-imposed discipline.

The responsibilities of the veterinary medical profession extent not only to the patient but also to society.  The health of thecommunity as well as the patient deserves his interest and participantion in non professional activities and organization.

As adopted by the American Veterinary Medical Association.


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