‘Oh gosh ! What a sight! That wounded buffalo running Auroch; These animals running wild.’ I exclaimed nervously to myself as I first entered the premises of the Veterinary College as a student. I wondered if I had chosen the right course. Well now I can say, affectionately that I have. How wrong I was in my judgment that I under-estimated my own ability.
Through the long years of guidance and experiences in this branch of medical science, I regained my confidence and now a days I treat animal patients with humane feelings, To my surprise, I find that I care more for the suffering animals while treating them. The blind notion I had about animals being wild has completely faded from my mind now. The saying that “appearances are deceptive” has proved in my case.

Today women are banding together to achieve full rights in the many areas where men have had priority. Women are now looking at careers which have basically been thought of as open to men. One of these is Veterinary Profession, a male dominated profession which except in a few cases has been closed to women. To pursue such a vocation one has to have confidence, ability and integrity. It has been confidence, ability and integrity. It has been for long opinionated that Veterinary profession is directed against the weaker sex by the public. I must admit that there have been times when seemed as if this was indeed a major hurdle to overcome. How often have my seniors been asked the question’ Doctor, do you think that you can handle this animal? And when they stated that they could, the clients were not really assured.

It becomes necessary, for those lady vets to prove their ability. In fact I have known a few persons who have proved to be better handlers than some of the male vets. Certainly it is not fair that the women vet must constantly prove herself. All the same it has been proved that a woman can overcome the prejudices exerted against her if she is willing to work a little harder. She will have the satisfaction of seeing these prejudices disappear, thereby making it easier for those who follow in her footsteps.

In choosing such a profession first a woman gains the feeling of independence in this field of work. Perhaps now the questions may arise as to what areas should one pursue in the practice of Vet profession? I think that small animal medicine and surgery are best suited for the majority of women vets. They can also work in allied fields such as directing and/or teaching laboratory animal medicine or training animal technicians. One might consider college training and research if one so desires and if so qualified. In terms of large animal medicine, any woman with a degree in veterinary medicine is equipped to work in this area and I have found some woman have become excellent bovine practitioners.
It is my opinion that a woman can be as good a veterinarian as man. She has the added advantage of knowing how to deal with the psychological attachment that a person as for a pet- a most important factor in the practice of the Veterinary profession. Being a woman, I feel many are compassionate towards the whims of their clients, and I believe that some have a motherly instinct towards a suffering animal. Moreover women attitudes are less harsher and they seem to relate easier to people who are under stress.

There has been this conflict, that a women is barred from doing her job best to her ability as the public feels that she fails at her carrier and in her home making Well, this is not always the case as many have been successful both at their job and home making. Not only that they supplement the income for the betterment of their family, but also they hold a responsible position in the society.

I am sure everyone will agree with the points that I have laid down, then why continue branding woman as inferior to this profession, No. We are good as our male counterparts. I like to suggest that more girls be given a chance to pursue in this field of medical science, as I feel that Veterinary medicine is a very relaxing field of work. I feel secure, independent and happy in my chosen profession and I certainly will encourage any young lady who desires to pursue this medical science to prove that they are equally able as the members of the opposite sex and in no way less.

*This article was written by Dr. P.MANOHARY who was then student of Final B.V.SC., for the Madras Veterinary College Annual 1979 when the blogger was their Student Editor.



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