Have you ever thought about owning a pet? If not, then consider my five reasons for getting a pet.

1) Companionship.

Modern life seems to becoming more and more lonely. People live by themselves and gone are the days of big families (well in Western Europe anyway). With a pet you not only get companionship but you get unconditional love. Your pet is always pleased to see you and they never complain. If I am on my own - its amazing how you I don't feel alone when our cat is around. She is part of our family and pets do indeed become part of the family.

Not only that but if you are a pet owner there are usually pet clubs in your area. Even if there are none - take your dog for a walk and see how many people stop to say hello. You never know you may even meet your future partner this way.

2) Stress Reduction.

Playing, walking, petting and laughing will all reduce stress and these things will happen if you have a pet. (Note: I am referring to cats, dogs and small mammals here I dont think you can pet a goldfish).

3) Learn to care about something other than yourself.

Owning a pet teaches you how to care for something. If you don't have children owning a pet could even be a good test run for you. Caring for pet could give you the confidence you need to care and raise a child! I realise there is a huge difference but it can be a step in the right direction to learn how to care for others.

4) Teaches you responsibility.

If you don't care for your pet your pet will die. Owning a pet is a great way to teach responsibility. Again you learn that life is not just about YOU - there are other beings depending on you too!

5) Perspective.

After a stressful day at the office I come home to find my cat rolling around the floor having fun. She loves playing with her toy mouse and seeing her play gives me a reminder that life is more than work. Life is fun. Animals know how to have fun!

Those are my top 5 reasons to own a pet.. Can you think of any more?



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