Changing life style, one way drags the present generation into a new dimension but the other way we are happy that we could see more and more animal lovers and pet owners in India. Almost every house has a pet dog or a watch dog. Some breeds are quite expensive to procure and maintain. Some maintain pedigree dogs not only as a status symbol but also for propagation of pure bred stock. A few kennels are famous for their stock of pedigree canines. The prize winning dogs and show dogs have at times very high values, depending on their breed, parentage, kennel club registration and their performance in prize shows.
To day a pedigree dog costs in India from Rs.10,000 to Rs.10 lacs.

For these reasons the need for a comprehensive insurance for dogs was felt necessary.

1. Pure or cross bred pedigree dogs, watch dogs and sheep dogs are covered under this scheme.
2. Age Group:  6 Months To 8 Years
3. Cover is available against death caused by disease or accident.

Insurance valuation is as per purchase price paid/according to the valuation certificate issued by a recognized Kennel  Club/or as per the certificate given by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon.

Maximum S.I Rs.10,000.  Beyond this amount, approval of  their Regional Office / Head Office is required.

1. Infectious diseases like Rabies/Distember Hepatitis/Leptospirosis /and Parvo are covered only when proper vaccination are given.
2. Total or partial disability.

a. The risk of breeding and whelping can be covered on payment of additional premium.
b. Third party liability can be covered at an additional premium - for a maximum liability limit of Rs.10,000/- so long as the dog is in direct control of the insured liability is not restricted to the premises.
c.Other risk like Theft,World wide transit risk,Accidental poisoning,loss of show entry and Loss of value.

By natural identification marks along with a photograph of the dog /Micro Chip


1.  Sec (i)                     :  Transit risk :  0.5%
2.  Sec (ii)                    :  Accidental poisoning :  1.0%
3.  Sec (iii)                   :  Breeding
                                         (a)  Whelping :  0.5%
                                         (b)  Loss of litter : 2.0%
4.  Sec (iv)                   :  Theft : 2.0%
5.  Sec (v)                    :  Loss of show entry fee : 0.25%
6.  Sec (vi)                   :  Loss of value due to accident : 0.50%
7.  Sec (vii)                  : T.P. Liability : 1.0%
8.  Sec (viii)                 :  World wide transit risk : 2.0%

1. Claims should be intimated promptly either by letter or telegram.
2. A post mortem certificate from a qualified Vet. Surgeon.


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