Have you ever wondered ,when a human baby takes so many months to reach a stable  steady gait and walk, how an animal baby could perform the same within a few minutes or hours after they are born!

And again, have you ever wondered how they are able to survive in a generally hostile world.
They struggle to their feet and start to move around after being born is a necessary survival measure in the wild where carnivorous predators would soon claim a baby.
Many of these animals are physically strong, have keen senses, born at an advanced state of development.
Nature is really kind to every species whether animal or human . The animal babies are born with an almost developed brain and a head which can manage Neuromotor senses for locomotory ability. But surprisingly human babies are born with a brain under development so as to have a small sized head which a human mother can deliver and survive.
A young animal seldom fails to fascinate – whether it is a  a cuddly looking puppy or a fluffy day- old chick ….

In the wild, it is uncommon to see an animal freak or congenitally defective or weaker by birth because they often fall into another creature’s meal, some die of disease or starvation and some fall prey to human hunters.
Many animals – from Zebras on  the plains to  whales in the ocean are born ready to move into a nomadic way of life; while some- like turtles that hatch from from eggs left in the sand, or cuckoos that hatch in a host nest – are simply deserted by their parents even before they are born.

Only rarely in the animal world do the babies have the benefit of both parents to care for them . In many cases,the adult female & male only come together to mate , and then they separate before the babies are born. The mother usually takes  over all the parental responsibilities although – nature has few exceptions, where these duties are sometimes fulfilled by the male alone.

World’s most unusual and interesting creatures are to be found in the zone between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Many of the babies born in Australia represent species unknown in the rest of the world.  Most of them are reared in their mother’s pouches, hatching from eggs either inside, or in rare cases outside, their mothers’ bodies.
 As marsupial mothers do not grow a placenta along with the embryo, the babies cannot be nourished inside her body when they leave their eggs.  The tiny, immature embryos have instead to crawl along their mother’s fur, making their way into a special pouch.  Once there they fix their mouths to a teat which expands to fit, and then they suckle milk until they have developed sufficiently to exist outside the pouch. It is interesting to note that sometimes the marsupial mother would have three babies - one at uterus ,one at pouch, and one at foot the new born.

Today-undoubtedly humans have a role in the survival or existence of every species of animals.


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