WHOSE FAITH ?                  

Believe in yourself -Talk to your mind -You are capable of doing the same!
Talk to your sub conscious mind - Even you can recover from  a dreaded disease!!
These are the advices we hear from Human to Human.
But the question is -
Can we do the same from Human to Animal. We have seen the mother animal pull the offspring to stand up,making them to understand that they can do it.
I am not going to debate whether it is  an Instinct or Intelligence.
Our intelligent machines even computers have got only the brain but not the mind that the human possesses!
We talk so much about human mind power and documented.
Can we catalyze an animal mind power – Do they first have any mind?
This is an interesting real life story of a dog who has been made to understand that  She can do something when it seemed  impossible.

"This dog was born on a Christmas Eve in the year 2002. She was born with 3 legs - 2 healthy hind legs and 1 abnormal front leg which needed to be amputated.   She of course could not walk when she was born.
Even her mother did not want her.

Her first owner also did not think that She could survive. Therefore, he was thinking of 'putting her to sleep'.
By this time, her present owner, Ms.Jude Stringfellow, met her and wanted to take care of her.
She was determined to teach and train this dog to walk by herself.  Therefore she named her 'Faith'.                                         
In the beginning, she put Faith on a surfing board to let her feel the movements.                                                               
Later she used peanut butter on a spoon as a lure and reward for her to  stand up and jump around.                                                
Even the other dog at home also helped to encourage her to walk.         
Amazingly, only after 6 months, like a miracle, Faith learned to balance  on her 2 hind legs and jumped to move forward.

After further training in the snow, She now can walk like a human being.  
Faith loves to walk around now. No matter where She goes, She just attracts  all the people around her.                                               
She is now becoming famous on the international scene. She has appeared on  various newspapers and TV shows.                                         
There is even one book entitled 'With a little faith' being published  about her.She was even considered to appear in one of Harry Potter  movies.                                                              
Her present owner Ms.Jude Stringfellew has given up her teaching post and  plans to take her around the world to preach that "even without a perfect  body, one can have a perfect soul ".
In life there are always undesirable things. Perhaps one will feel better  if one changes the point of view from another direction.                 
I hope this message will bring fresh new ways of thinking to everyone and  that everyone can appreciate and be thankful for each beautiful day that  follows.                                                                 
Faith is the continual demonstration of the Strength of Life."

This  above article "THIS IS FAITH"  about the dog Faith which is being circulated in the net, was written by an unknown author who must be an animal lover –more than, he must be a fine hearted human being.
The basic difference between animal and human anatomy is that humans have vertical upright posture and the legs and knee are formed so. but animals , like dogs have horizontal posture and fore and hind legs are formed so.
To make a dog to walk like a human involves enormous tolerance and patience and of course,  cooperation from our friend. Remember it is not a circus act and it is a question of survival.
Here two minds are involved. first the man should believe that it is possible ; secondly the animal should believe that he or she can do it.
One may feel  that it is nothing connected to the mind of an animal and it is simple conditioning . What is conditioning – it is a reflex registered into the brain,. Scientist Pavlov triggered the natural reflex that was existing already."Pavlov's dog" is often used to describe someone who merely reacts to a situation rather than using critical thinking. But walking upright is no way a natural behavior for an animal like dog.

Behavioral experiment on mental control have addressed this problem for several decades. The experiments dealt with overt skeletal muscular effects by guiding and shaping an animal through reinforcement,say offering the peanut butter one can succeed in shaping the voluntary muscular behavior of the animal. ( Ref. The Relaxation Response by Dr.Herbert Benson,M.D)

Whatever it may be , Whenever I think of this dog , the question comes to my mind, who really had the faith to do the impossible  act? – the man or the animal or both?
Animals generally handle health problems & challenges  better than we humans can handle because they have no concept of mortality.
I appreciate Ms. Jude  for seeing beyond the disfigurement to see the real life in her.

FAITH is a true character. Her tail is always wagging and  has moved right into our world.  She has no limitations physically, She can go  for walks, get in and out of the car, plays with everybody!


Dave said...

Thank you for sharing this story, it is beautiful. I took the time to post it to my facebook account since I know can relate the story to the human spirit and never giving up on themselves or others in spite of what circumstances may look like. Amazing!!

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Dr. Mu. DHANASEKARAN said...

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