For all creatures, from the sparrow to the squirrel- For all creatures great and small, this planet is home, just as it is for us.

It  happened to us recently. We have lost a beautiful and large tree nearby our home , after it was cut by a Government agency to widen the roads for a forth coming world conference.
It was so painful to hear the sounds of creatures like the birds and the squirrels which were forced to depart their home.
More than that, it was painful  when I could not tell the truth to my kid when she asked:

'Pa, where will these animals go?'
'Don’t worry ma they will find a new home' I answered.
'Where will  the new home be? will it be nearby or faraway?'
'… nearby ' I replied.
'How do they take the kids that can’t fly?' She asked me again.
… god will give them strength , I answered, though I knew that I was bluffing.

I had to divert her innocent feelings as I did not want to lie to her more.
But my subconscious mind told me that we humans are unkind to  our fellow creatures.

Whether amidst the silence of a forest or the tranquility at our home where you can hear the sounds of little creatures, one cannot  ignore the truth that we share this earth with all these creatures.
For all these creatures, from the sparrow to the squirrel- for all creatures great and small, this planet is home, just as it is for us.
Unfortunately ,as if the earth belonged only to us we exploited and destroyed  the habitats of many of these animals and birds and even have gone to the extreme of making them extinct.
Every creature is adapted to live in their own bio zone. We destroy the biozone,unfortunately knowing very well  it will one day destroy human life.
One can’t ignore how deforestation deprived us rain.

Nature has always a check! And created a bio equilibrium.
For example you can’t find lion and tiger living in the same territory.
Tigers are pretty much solitary creatures. They don't go around in groups like lions do. 
Tigers have lots of tree cover for hunting, but lions are in open grass lands where they have to work together in teams to catch their prey by creating tactical points where each lion stands, tigers very rarely cross paths but lions are always fighting each other for territory and each lion  averagely holds a territory for a year before loosing it to another male, lions learn to fight from the day they are born and are just naturally skilled, both animals are the same height, its just that the tiger has the longer body which doesn't really give any advantages. Lions are also much heavier which means more protective fat and much thicker and powerful muscles while tigers have the more powerful legs because of climbing.
In the wild it would be very very unlikely that the two cats would not really even meet  in the first place - they live in different areas of the world.
But we human do blunders and enjoy creating inter-species cross – like TIGON or LIGER. (SEE THE PICTURE BELOW - ISN'T HORRIBLE?)

THAT’S one side and the other side I have seen people crossing dogs like German Shepherd and Pommeranian which are structurally different-imagine what kind of legs the offspring will have-really ridiculous!

I REMEMBER an interesting incident that happened in one of the project sites few years ago in India.
There was a thermal power project and the bid was  won by a chinese firm and the chinese team members were totally dedicated to complete the project on time. 
After few weeks of starting the works at site the chinese team was uncomfortable  to cope up  with indian food recipies and they encouraged local village people to bring snakes for their food and paid them well. 
Locals were overwhelmed and almost wiped the snake population there.
The chinese team left after the project. 
But you would be surprised to know what kind of impact  this has created to the environment. The rat population was uncontrollably increased and the  farmers faced inexplicable menance.
we shouldn't ignore that they play a potentially importantant role in functioning of many ecosystem,significantly in rodent pest control in areas like paddies and sugar cane plantations.

Let us avoid harming our only home and let us save the earth for our children. 
Save water, electricity, and fuel.
Plant more trees and say no to plastics.
Dispose carefully or recycle it if possible, all those things which are made for man’s pleasure!

It is time to stop our exploitation of the environment which has made the earth a sad place for all creatures,and
it is  time to decide how we can safeguard our sadly depleted resources and badly mutilated surroundings.
Let us celebrate and contribute on World Environment Day, June 5th. 2010.



Excellent article. We can co-exist only with other species to ensure bio-diversity. This we can ignore at the cost of our own survival and survival of our future progeny. Let us develop the philosophy of live and let live, so that development does't imperil the survival of entire mankind.

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