A good or great first impression can create a positive vibration in the minds of the new people we meet. A puppy is a new person whom we want to carry home and we make him as a part of our family.
There are many things to look while selecting a puppy apart from whether they are healthy. The first golden rule is how he is responding to your voice and call. The one who among the litter comes forward to reach you when you call will easily adapt to you!

Take a look at this picture; there are 8 beautiful puppies from the same litter.  But no two of them are alike. Like us, Puppies are of different kinds.  They are physically and emotionally different from each other. They give different impressions to the person who sees them.  The puppy in the left most corners say “will you take me please”.  The third one from the left says “you are lucky if you have me, so better choose me”.  The last one says “Never mind, I am not bothered”.

Be lucky to select the one who likes you and can create lasting impressions…

Written By: Nivya Shekher


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