Written by Nivya Shekher , my daughter specially for you for this X-mas!

We have seen umpteen number of movies like "The Beethovan" and "Because of Winn Dixie". And as these kind of movies reach the climax we get a strange and a very light feeling in our hearts. Some of us even wonder at times " What is a childhood without a good friend, who is so cozy to hug, who follows you wherever you go, no matter what,who never scowls at you and listens patiently to your jabber. Some of our hearts feel that little ache if we havent had such a friend. Others, well, if they have had one, smile, with a tear running down their cheeks. Which human can make another human feel such a strong emotion? Nobody. Ok, so what has this got to do with Christamas? Well, Christmas has always been associated with shiny nose reindeers and furry bunny rabbits. Though obviously we cannot find enough space in our living room for a herd of reindeers, we can do so many things with our four legged children at home. Christamas is not only about sharing with our fellow humans, it is also about feeling and giving joy, a sense of warmth and trust that crosses the barriers of language and....species. Harry, one of my children, a labrador was so happy to see me this morning. I wished him for Christmas and there was the usual wagging of tail followed by jumping on his four paws and then he ran away to get the Christmas cake( a special one made for him) and left me behind. Some pet lovers dress up their pets as Santas with furry caps and bells and the result is so angelic. Sitting in front of the fireplace, with a glass of champagne in your hand and your pet's head resting gently in your lap, snoring, and you watching the snow fall, is the best thing a human can ever experience.Better than Santa's gifts. So here we go...!!!! A BOW WOW CHRISTMAS and a MEOW NEW YEAR!!!!

Love Animals- Love X-mas!

Please Note: Shall we discuss next week about -Sleeping Beauties (Part II), see you later!


Rituraj said...

Personal experience is the best way to write about something..and you have done exactly that..its really good to read these much for the reason that they are short and interesting..keep it going sister..

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