It was night, after my routine academic hours, I just started thinking about you!
Yes, weekend is nearing and as usual I felt that I should write an article for my friends and followers who have been the constant source of my encouragement since  I started this blog.
Believe it or not I put a lot of efforts what others may call dedication to this task, from which I earn nothing except the pleasure of sharing information and try to create a flow of kindness towards the fellow creatures. 
Yesterday I was really shocked to see my content in another blog while browsing the net casually. All of my articles published in this blog have been made cut and pasted, actually the entire articles are being pirated periodically and republished illegally in another so called “Animal Galleries” since 2009. He has used my name, pretending to be me, deleting my original blog link and incorporating his link. Further all these articles of mine are fed into rss feeds,claiming false ownership. I believe, he must be the first person to visit my blog every week to update his own.
It is not a case of content theft rather, a BLOG PIRACY.
I hope any kind hearted will appreciate the enormous efforts that involve in creating such articles by burning- out our mid night oil, just for not to disappoint the followers.
The funniest part is that the guy has hidden his identity and blog comment column as he does not wants any body’s approach to appreciate his ‘great work!’. I was trying to find his contact email address and at last, I could find the same somewhere in a column ‘privacy policy’ which actually to my mind appeared as his ‘piracy policy”. I sent him a  message about my decision to go through Google /Cyber crime authorities and I hope the email address is true.
My heart aches - That’s the bloggers life!
Many a time I felt animals are one other way better than human beings. Of course they never do these kind of criminal practice. They do steal food just for their survival as we have stolen their habitat and environment but they will never do such a thing to gain cheap popularity.
I only remember this quote:
“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”
- St. Francis of Assisi.

The guy was not responding to my 24 hrs. Notice and I made an infringement complaint In accordance with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), the Google team responded immediately and ensured that the contents are no longer appears on the said blog.Thank you, GOOGLE!


NAGU said...

your blog is a wonderful one, excellent picturisation, please protect your contents.

Dr. Mu. DHANASEKARAN said...

Thanks. Now I have learned to protect the same to some extend,which will prevent right click as well as copying.

NIVYA said...

At last google has removed the links but the guy should be punished severely by black listing his website so that nobody will be able to access it


It is really very sad to know that so much of painstaking work and effort has been misused and somebody has all along been taking credit for himself for your wonderful work. Your works are very creative, stimulating and touch upon several areas which are not known to most of the laymen. The layout and design of your blog are excellent. Even a person who is not interested in animals learns about the wonders of the nature and how animals co-exist with us without affecting the environment. It is only man’s selfish greed which has brought the world to the brink of extinction. We have a lot to learn from animals. How animals apart from adding to the beauty and grandeur of nature have been a source of immense help to us in our various walks of life. Your blog has opened a wonderful vista to the animal world and has created awareness about them and has been sustaining interest in us all along. You please continue with your excellent work to inspire us and to impart knowledge to hundreds of new visitors. It is time the authorities concerned woke up and took stringent measures against blog piracy.
Mohan Revadi.

meena said...

It is really shocking to know that there are such piracies also. You are doing a service to the mankind by sharing all your knowledge and it is really pathetic to know that a stranger all along has been misusing it. It is a shameful act which cannot be pardoned and a severe action has to be necessarily initiated against him.

Don't worry Doctor. Someday, somehow, whatever you aimed for will come true. Don't get upset with this sort of things and please do continue to share your knowledge which is priceless.

Whenever life pulls you back, don't worry. It's going to lead you to VICTORY.


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