MONGREL LOVE      

This article is dedicated to all the lovely four-legged street friends for the unconditional love they show without expecting anything in return,written by Ms. Nivya Shekher, my daughter.

There is someone I’d like you to know about. With a lean handsome face, and startling yet kind brandy brown eyes, he is dark with a patch of white hair extending from his neck to his belly. His name is Veera.
Beyond that handsome face he’s got the heart of a child. When I met him for the first time , he was a small puppy who lived with a few construction workers. He stayed just outside the building that was under construction. After a few months, the workers left the place and he stayed behind. Soon his soulful eyes, his courage and his endless affection won the hearts of all the residents of that particular area. If he has not been seen by anyone even for a single day, people start enquiring about him. They have a peaceful sleep at night only after they have made sure that he is safe.
In return for the basic necessities that have been provided for him, he remains extremely loyal. He is our common guard dog and charges like a wild animal at someone who looks new and fishy and plays like a puppy with any child on the road.

Picture courtesy : http://pixdaus.com/single.php?id=263190&from=email

He has been blessed with so much intelligence that people look at him in awe. He is considerate and polite to the other dogs and follows me around whenever I take my pet for a walk. Sometimes I wonder if he’s guarding the both of us. One particular day he followed me all the way to my bus stop and waited until I boarded the bus and left only after the bus started. 
I could think of so many instances where he has made me wonder whether he had a human heart. We humans possess all kind of wonderful qualities, yet fail to show them but we must always keep our minds and hearts open and should be ready to learn things from our “human-like” four legged friends. After all they have started to behave like they possess the sixth sense but it is a pity that we haven’t…



Wonderful Blog. Yes, all dogs, pets or mongrel, give you their unconditional love

Rituraj said...

I think i should gift you a puppy on your birthday...the care these small loving creature have for us and people whom they think of as family is beautifully depicted here..

BarrySama said...


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