Life Saving Animal Poisons Part-II


Life of animals and humans are interdependent. Many animals are sacrificing themselves by giving their secretions for human welfare. Nature has given them some wonderful chemical compounds.
Can we synthesize the chemical compound? Yes, possible. But still, some ingredients from animal saliva stay longer in the human body than a synthetic version that’s why we human want, say for diabetes to have a drug that lasts 12 hours than a drug lasts four hours…
A peptide called GsMtx-4 from CHILEAN ROSE TARANTULA, a relatively harmless spider discovered to cure muscular dystrophy.
Huachansu, a Chinese medicine that comes from the dried venom secreted by the skin glands of TOADS, widely used to treat patients with liver, lung, colon and pancreatic cancer at oncology clinics in China.
ARA-C, modeled after compounds from the CARIBBEAN SPONGE, treats leukemia and lymphoma.
Integrelin, which comes from a protein in the venom of the SOUTHEASTERN PYGMY RATTLESNAKE, is used to treat acute coronary syndrome.
A protein found in BEE venom—which often causes inflammation after stings—called Melittin. Like Chlorotoxin, Melittin can help deliver therapeutic drug compounds to damaged cells.
Calcimar and Miacalcin are calcitonin hormones derived from COHO SALMON and used to treat osteoporosis.
Premarin, an estrogen given as menopausal hormone therapy. The drug is derived from the urine of PREGNANT HORSES.
The CONE SNAIL which is on the brink of extinction is celebrated for its beauty and feared for its poison,the deadly venom, however, is exceptionally rich in compounds called conopeptides that could be used or synthesized to make an array of pharmaceuticals as applications for acute and chronic pain, epilepsy, local anesthesia, heart disease, stroke, neuromuscular back pain, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injury
Painkillers. ABT 594 comes from the skin of the SOUTH AMERICAN FROG. It appears to be more effective than morphine without being addictive.
Cancer. TM 601 is derived from the ISRAELI YELLOW SCORPION and attacks malignant brain tumors called glioma tumors responsible for two-thirds of the cases of brain cancer, without harming healthy cells. 
ET 743, which comes from SEA SQUIRTS, is being tested for treatment of ovarian cancer and soft tissue sarcoma.
Ancrod,  is an anticoagulant with potential to prevent cell damage and death when someone suffers a stroke. The active ingredient comes from the venom of the MALAYSIAN PIT VIPER. 
There's also something in the saliva of LEECHES/ SALIVA OF VAMPIRE BATS that is an anticoagulant."
Studies began when biomedical researcher Michael Zasloff, MD, PhD, of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., wondered how FROGS could swim in filthy ponds without getting sick. A substance called magainin 2 -- comes from the skin of frogs and looks promising in the search for antibiotics that bacteria can't develop resistance to.

Most bio diverse and pharmaceutically promising regions of the world the Rainforests are rapidly disappearing -- along with untold numbers of plant and animal species - due to deforesting … Let us save them before they become extinct.


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