World Environment Day 2011

Who else could be more forgiving than our own Mother Nature?

Today is World Environment day.
So today let's analyse ourselves by answering a few questions concerning our pets and our environment.
1. When was the last time you stopped on your way to  touch an animal,or enjoy the beauty plant or a flower ?
2. Have you ever sang to your plants while watering them?
3. Have you ever kept a bowl of water outside your house for the birds or animals to drink?
4. Have you ever prayed for rain when you looked at a withered plant,or birds and animals wanting for water?
5. Have you ever sat under a tree when you had felt upset or lonely?
6. Have you ever got pinched in your mind whenever you come across unfriendly words like extinct,endangered,deforestation, pollution and concrete jungle?
7. Have you ever thought why our pets remain loyal and loving to us even when we dont treat them the way they deserve?
8. Have you thought what it would be like when someone blows smoke at you every time you breathe in?
9. Has your heart ever stirred at the sight of an animal that had been disabled because of inhumane action?.
10.When you look at the classic pictures of our living environment that were taken years ago,have you ever thought the cruelty of us, humans,that has brought to its present state.

If we are true to ourselves and if we answer the above questions honestly we would come to know that we are far from being a good human. But still,
it's not too late to change. Who else could be more forgiving than our own Mother Nature?


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