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Birds do get attracted to colours.
I am one of those who would like to maintain the car neat and beautiful. I liked the beautiful metallic silver color when I bought my Matiz. But it had created a lot of inconvenience to me as I noted that birds like ravens and pigeons found to be fond of my car and they were happy to shit and pass their droppings over the shiny silver body. Unfortunately, which made me to clean and clean. My wife and daughter used to laugh at and tell me“ they all love you and your car ” Really , it made to wonder why do they like my car ,and I could notice that other cars are untouched.
I realized that it is not my car but the colour that attracted the birds.
Birds are naturally attracted to shiny objects, which makes things like jewelry and sequins great targets. They may fly off with bits of foil or even jewelry if given a chance. It is good to be careful while playing with birds as it is good to avoid shiny jewels and make ups. They love to grab ear rings, and necklaces and may be attracted to glasses and watches.
Some birds are startled by the shine.; it is funny watching someone with a shiny belt get chased around by a bunch of turkeys.
Birds do get attracted to colours.
Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red because that's the color of the flower they drink nectar out of. In the breeding season of birds, the females are attracted to colorful males as it indicates that the male is healthy , passes  a good gene for a better generation!


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