Let us not 'dye' the cute little creatures to make it 'dying'

When I see the advertisements for colored baby chicks during Easter, I always remember the days of my rural veterinary practice. Village People used to buy colored baby chicks to grow them in their home backyard. Most of these bird chicks will die due to lack of warmth, become a prey to predators, and rarely one or two would survive. I have heard people saying that all the hen chicks died and the one which could survive was the male. Unfortunately these people are not aware that all those chicks that they bought were all male. The vendors used to exploit their innocence by telling them that the red colored are male and the green colored are all female. In fact the vendors purchase  these male chicks for a very cheap price from the hatcheries when they are excluded from the costly hen chicks, when they are a day old ( just born), and color them to cheat the village people.
In some countries they are dyed as Easter Chicks just for someone to get a cute chick, then when it grows up they don't want it anymore. Most of the time they don't even keep them for longer than a week. They don't realise that these living breathing animals aren't toys. They're animals that need to be cared for. Easter isn't suppose to be about mutli-colored chicks anyways...
As an animal lover, I think that's horrible to change the chicks color of its downy baby feathers for easter... how do we know that how much the chemical irritates their tender skin?
Leave gods creatures they way they were intended to be! 


Anonymous said...

or we could leave to be killed at the hatchery because that is a more preferable fate? wow.

R.Srishobana said...

wow,This is the first blog i've seen dedicated for the wonderfull species,Animals...I like chicks and i've grown many just as my pets.They were all survived for more than 5years till their death on aging.But i felt very much depressed after i've lost them one by one...here i just wished to share my experience as i'm too an animal lover...this is really an nice blog...keep on ur good work...

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't see a probolem in it! It doesnt hurt the chick. I have dyed lots of batches, and they are perfectly healthy! Of course it seems un natural! But hey it is no different than getting are hair colored! And dying chicks is less harmful than using harsh chemicals to die our hair, all you use is food coloring!

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