Earth Quake & Animal Behavior

When the world seems to be unsafe for our other living friends, it is unsafe for us too.

Scientific discoveries have many contributions as well as contradictions. Whether it is a nature’s product or a synthetic human product, one scientist gets his ‘PhD’ by discovering something and another scientist gets a ‘PhD’ for disputing something…. That’s the world we live in!
There is a difference of opinion on whether animals and birds can predict earthquake before it results.
The night-time jolt in one of the Indian city New Delhi on 07/09/2011 provided proof that how the birds and animals of our world see it coming right ahead. The crows had started flying in the sky and calling out during the dead of the night and pet animals who love to spend all the night sleeping did seem agitated. It is realized that the time gap between these warnings and the actual tremors was enough for the humans to rush out from their building to come out.
 Scared panda hugs zookeeper’s leg after earthquake

We have earlier noticed such indications of animals in mid sea too. The deep-sea inhabitant the red fish showing up along the south Indian coast ahead of the year 2004  tsunami and the dolphins rushed towards the New Zealand coast head of quakes earlier this year.
Animal behavior before an earthquake is considered to be  their response to an increase in low-frequency electromagnetic signals. Some animals, especially dogs, cats, chickens, horses, toads and other smaller animals, have been identified as being more able to predict earthquakes than others.
When the world seems to be unsafe for our other living friends, it is unsafe for us too. These unnatural behavior indicates that animals close to epicenters can give us prior warning and one needs merely to observe them to make good the escape to live another day.


GreatGranny said...

During Tornadic weather , I pay attention to Kassey's behavior because I'm sure she knows what may be coming before I do.

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