Eggs -The Inside Story!

                 EGGS -THE INSIDE STORY                 

‘Tell me doc, is that the poultry egg we eat are considered to be non- vegetarian or is there are any vegetarian eggs?' 
- I came across such questions when I was practicing as a Vet.
Not all eggs are fertile or have life and everyone egg can’t hatch and give a life or chick!
A hen never requires a male bird for laying eggs. A hen requires 24 to 26 hours to produce an egg;30 minutes later, she starts all over again. It is a continuous process and a country fowl lays around 30 eggs in a cycle and genetically modified farm fowl lays around 250 to 300 eggs.
What is interesting is that there is a difference in egg formation between birds and mammals.
Once a egg is fertilized, the human or mammal’s physiology stops further formation of eggs/ovulation until completion of that gestation and delivery of the offspring. A tissue is formed - a temporary endocrine structure  called CL (Corpus luteum) which produces hormone progesterone aids in this vital step. So no further chance of new life immediately and to wait,a year less or more depends on the mammal’s species. If the egg is not fertilized, the corpus luteum stops secreting progesterone and decays (after approximately 14 days in humans), it then degenerates gets through menstrual cycle.
The formation of corpus luteum never happens in birds so process continues and egging happens  daily!
In every aspect the nature is intelligent!
Otherwise, what would have happened?  Without the 'CL' The humans and mammals would have continued to produce young ones and there would have been no space in earth! The other way, if limiting 'CL' is there in birds,the eggs would have become very rare , precious, and expensive!(Who knows that some eggs would have occupied a place in museum!)
The answer for the first question, egg production in birds are independent and continues , even if the hen never meets the male. Such eggs like farm eggs have no life and can’t hatch that’s why they are all considered by egg eaters as unfertilized & vegetarian.  If the chance of mating occurs , the eggs get fertilized inside before the formation of shell, life forms for further development and such eggs can be hatched after brooding.
There is an interesting debate about this article in the comments column -Don't miss it!


Ryan J. Walker said...

Such an argument on the topic of "vegetarian" eggs really depends on the individuals reasons for living a meat-free life style. For example, a vegetarian choosing not to consume meat due to the slaughter of millions of animals, should not eat eggs. As pointed out the cock (male hen) is not needed for the hen to produce eggs, so what do you think happens to the male chicks in a hatchery?

My other disagreement is with the over population of chickens if the eggs weren't eaten. Such a ridiculous argument seeing as the world's egg-laying hen population is only at such a high level due to human demand for eggs.

Dr. Mu. DHANASEKARAN said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog and expressing your views. I hope, you will accept that the article is neither to encourage egg eating nor to empasis that eggs if not,eaten will become a waste or result in over population of chickens.
Man is always selfish to take everything to his advantage.This article is to express that nature has done everything with a reason creating CL(corpus luteum) in man and mammals and limiting with birds. When animals and birds are genetically modified just to overclock production man becomes more cruel and goes againt the such example as you quoted the fate of male chicks.

4 said...

I agree with the author Dr.MUDHAN. The topic here is not 'EGGS ARE VEGETARIAN', rather 'EGGS-THE INSIDE STORY'. The article talks about something called 'CL' which everyone is not aware excepting the doctors. Mr. Walker must read it again & completely to understand the very purpose. Exciting information that I loved it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's True. it is not said here that eggs are good or bad. The article try to say that the nature is intelligent. In a true sense no body can be a pure vegetarian. Can we say no to milk,butter and ice-cream he.he!!! avoid butchery, thats all.

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