Lovable Animal & Human Characteristics.

Sometimes we come across a human behavior that always referred to a specific animal.
These animals are not as civilized as we, but still possess certain outstanding traits or characteristics which make us to learn from them.  Such behaviors help create stable social organizations, durable ecosystems necessarily contain a wide diversity of species – makes everyone to adopt to fit their environment.
ANTS are referred to community life
BEES are referred to team work
CROWS are referred to sharing of resource
DOGS for friendship
ELEPHANTS for memory
EAGLE for sharper vision
FOX for cunning
PEACOCK for pride and color
Even in children book, some animal stories make us to realize some Moral!           I have read one such story which I would like to share with you this week.
A family had a cat. Of late, they started disliking the cat. The husband had decided to leave the cat. He had taken the cat few buildings away and left. When he came back he was surprised to see the cat at home. Therefore he had decided to leave the cat little away next time and dropped. To his surprise, he found it again that the cat managed to come back before him.
The much irritated husband this time told his wife that he would take the cat to a very far away distance and would put a stop for this. So, he drove away to a very far of place, taking the cat via confusing route and left the cat. Time passed.....
The telephone started ringing at home. The wife took the receiver and understood that her husband was calling. The husband asked her desperately “ Has the cat come back?” She told coolly “ she has back home long before!”
The husband told to the wife, ‘give the telephone receiver to the cat, let me ask her, I don’t know the route to come back!” ... Ha Ha..!
The story says to the child that the moral of the story is that don’t hate people, they would be useful to us sometime in our life!
(This is just a story to make you laugh. In reality, the dog comes back just he needs & loves you ; the cat gets back as he feels that the home is more secured & a safe shelter.) 


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