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The diversity of our planet is astonishing! 

Scientist so far been unable to find straightforward estimates of the total population of animals on earth. It is estimated that nearly 30 million different species exist - of which a little of a million are classified. The greatest species diversity exists among insects, which account for one million of the earth's species & Mammals make up one of the smallest groups, with just 5,490 members.
Species diversity is the evolutionary process by which new biological species arise – isolation, inter breeding, migration, environmental pressure can create a different life form.
The history and science books have to be rewritten due to the long list of new species that scientists are discovering every day in some of the most biologically diverse places on Earth like  the island nation of New Guinea or The Magombera forest in Tanzania. 
The coolest examples are the Frog with Vampire Fangs ( have a pair of hard black hooks sticking out from the undersides of their mouths), Pinocchio Frog (has an impressive "Pinocchio-like protuberance on its nose), Crystal Frog (skin so translucent, you can see its heart beating through its tiny chest), Flying Frog (new Himalayan species ,spreads its toes and glides from the heights of treetops on its generously webbed feet, Ice Fish (can literally become as cold as ice,no blood cells :Instead, it has antifreeze).....

The diversity of our planet is astonishing! 


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