Elephants On Vocation

You would be surprised, some even gain weight of more than 500 kgs/animal....!

India is one country where elephants are revered as god’s companion and many temples here have their own elephants. Surprisingly, In the state of Kerala, many rich people own elephants as their pets which as they think reflect their status symbol.
Man, as usual, proud of to get under control the huge beast by his mega brain. Unfortunately, we forget the very fact that we interfere the natural life and ignore their bio-instinct and this creates havoc and make them mad.
Elephants when domesticated, their life style changes, their environment changes and their food habits changes. They need a break from manmade environment, if missed they become out of control.
This is realized and now in my state of India, the govt. asked to provide all temple elephants a compulsory vocation and to go on outing and live temporarily every year in an environment they love, in a place where the meet their friends. The best possible human care is rendered during the period in a place that’s so natural to them.
In this regard, the state govt. enacted a notification which takes care of Possession of an elephant / training & recruitment of mahout / Housing of Elephants/ Care of Elephant/ Feeding of Elephants/ Work load of Elephant/ Norms and standards for Transportation/ Records to be maintained/ Cutting Tusks/ acts which are tantamount to cruelty to elephant.
The act also emphasis about the retirement of elephants— No elephant shall be put to any work on attaining the age of sixty years.
The forest department officials have sent 45 elephants from Hindu temples to the Madumalai Forests for a rejuvenation program of 48-days. They were brought in special trucks. During the program these animals would be on a special diet comprising sugarcane, coconuts and banana laced with herbal medication and vitamins.Everyone elephant is given an individualized care under the supervision of forest authorities and specialist veterinarians. Not only they get the best food, they get bathed in a natural river pool and special games are also organized to make them cherish. You would be surprised, they even gain weight of more than 500 kgs/animal....!
Of course, elephants are not pets or not loner animals. They always stay in herds and need the company of their own species for their social health.
Especially domesticated elephants need more love and affection. The love that an elephant feels from her caretaker will never be forgotten for the rest of her life.
Remember, elephants never forget!


Kat and the Furrsonality gang said...

Elephants are gorgeous creatures, what a nice tribute post to a beautiful species.

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