The Most Intelligent Scientist!


I have read long before the ‘MEGA SPECIES’ & ‘SUPERMAN’ theories.
Scientist could isolate specific genes. They have succeeded by isolating and incorporating the gene responsible for black colored tail in a black rat into the developing embryo of a white rat and created (produced) a white rat with a black tail !
Scientist are of the opinion that when we are able isolate genes individually, like genes for intelligence, genes for physical structure and  when the same are regrouped to create a life , we can create a SUPER MAN with the best of human qualities or a MEGA SPECIES say a cow of elephant size to get gallons of milk.
We humans are morons; we modify everything for our pleasure but many times at the cost of nature. Species are evolving with a reason, have their own life cycle, but man modifies for his selfish reason, forgetting the very fact of stability.
Imagine, if such super man becomes a dictator .....!   
The most intelligent scientist is the nature. Every change, every transformation and every selection is for survival. Nature creates, modifies and recreates and, all those towards adaptability are for stability. These creatures are part of a vast ecosystem that maintains the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. They're all interconnected.
We should never forget that the decline of a predator like the wolf can influence the erosion rates of nearby rivers. The decline of small predators like frogs can increase the incidence of insect-borne diseases.
Life made the atmosphere what was yesterday - Man made the atmosphere what it is today.


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