The Pets As Doctors

the pets which make us recover & transform lives!
It is not that only the man as Doctor, Psychiatrist, Priest or Minister facilitates the healing power of fellow human. When one trys to remove the block whether it is organic or mental obstruction ,the positive subconscious mind of the patient is more important to enhance the process.
We as human , now try to explore the ways to expedite such subconscious flow to enhance healing. The result, many new psyco therapies are evolved and prooved to be successful.
Today, Art For Healing, covers many therapies like Music Therapy, Laughing Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, Nature & Diet Therapies etc.,
Across the globe,  many super-speciality research centres as well as  in prisons, nursing homes, mental institutions, schools, hospitals  or at home — fishes, birds, dogs, cats and large farm animals are being used in alternative animal-assisted therapy (AAT).
My tribute this week to name some of such miracle makers ….
“ The Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre says Mango, a Tibetan terrier and Tara, a paraplegic dog have helped shy kids of the Bal Mandir children's home.
Sonali the parrot was a super-hit with the special-needs kids at Arvindniketan (School of Curative Education. “Sonali's cackling and fluttering got the kids to crowd around her, stroke her and speak to her.
Passive animals have a calming effect on hyperactive / aggressive kids horse (hippo) therapy for kids with cerebral palsy and people with spinal cord / head injury, as it helps in core muscle strengthening and keeping the body erect. Obviously, “both ends of the leash” should be qualified for this therapy.
At Connex Counselling, the U.K., Amber, a cocker spaniel gives her unconditional love to those suffering from bereavement, separation and loss.
Sophie, a goat pulled a woman out of depression and suicide attempt
At Gentle Barn, an animal centre, owners have seen troubled and abused kids bond with Bonsai, a pony and, Biscuit, a pig help a sexually abused kid. 

*Animals demand work, routine and exercise. This sense of responsibility makes retired people feel young and worthwhile *Anticipation of animal visits is a big boost *Pets can provide attention unconditionally, unlike humans who often bring negative emotions to a relationship *Humans demand speech in interactions, while communication with pets needs no spoken word*Watching a fish or an animal play can have a relaxing effect, the same way mediation does"(*REF:GEETA PADMANABHAN-

The man-animal interaction,of course bring miracles-Helps to remove or come out of mental obstructions and encourage patients to adopt a new attitude that will help the healing flow through their joy and peace.
I would say that though this is not really an alternative therapy, but definitely complementary to any proven system of medicine , provided the man is kind and longing for love from the fellow creature.


R.Srishobana said...

amazing info...thanx for sharing it

Nature's Select said...

Wow this is a great article! There's something about our pets that make us feel well especially when we are sick. Thanks for the share.

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