The year 2011 was dreadful for elephants as many elephants as much as 50 per month were made to lose their life - as their huge-scale tusks are smuggled, making the highest record, which are utilized for ivory, as per the reports by an environmental agency.
Elephants once ranged throughout most of Asia, but their habitat is today reduced to isolated fragments. The remaining population of wild Asian elephants inhabits the Nilgiris biosphere reserve in India as declared by UNESCO where more than 1000 elephants survive in a near contiguous habitat.
The conservation of this critical elephant habitat would not only serve to protect the largest Asian elephant population in the world, but would also benefit the entire ecosystem, including all the other rare species.

1. Please love the elephant as it is a lovable, kind, intelligent and gentle giant.
2. Do you know that the elephant is an endangered animal as per the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 (Central Act 53 of 1972) and needs protection?
3. The health and welfare of the elephant is in your hands.
1. Please do not tease the elephant.
2. Please do not insist on asking the elephant to bless, as you or elephant may transit communicable diseases likeTB, Skin diseases etc. to you / elephant.
3. Please do not offer un-cleaned feed or coconut to the elephant, as it may carry bacteria / germs causing stomach disorders. Offering such feed to elephant, in addition to feed given daily by management would increase the weight of the elephant causing arthritis, diarrhea, dysentery etc.,
4. Please do not make noise, whistle, blow horn etc. which may annoy the elephant. Elephant is highly sensitive to such repulsive sound.
5. Please do not offer money to the Mahout / Cavady for making the elephant blessing. Do not encourage the Mahout to do unlawful activities under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 (Central Act 53 of 1972).
6. Do not go near to the elephant. Keep 10 meters away from the elephant.
7. Please Do not take a vow for offering elephant to temple as this lead to separation from its social life or encouraging to Cap Fuse the elephant from wild illegally elsewhere.
8. Do not go near to the elephant when you have applied perfumes / scent balm or anybody spray as this may provoke the elephant.
9. Please do not approach or go near to the elephant with bright dresses / glittering objects-such as diamond / ornamental stones.
10. Do not stand behind the elephant, as the elephant may feel insecure, provoking the elephant to kick.
11. Please do not try to pull or ask for the tail bristle (Hair) which is used for warding off Ectoparasites like fleas besides causing pain to the elephant.
12. Do not sprinkle with holy water on the body of elephant which may provoke the elephant.
13. Do not crowd around the elephant as the elephant does not like crowd Iand noises emanating from crowd due to different behavior and attitude of the crowd.
Source: Management and Maintenance of Tamil Nadu Captive Elephants (TAMIL NADU GOVERNMENT GAZETTE [Part III—Sec. 1(a)/ ANNEXURE-I[See rule 4 (5)]


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