Do We Look Like Our Dogs?

       DO WE LOOK LIKE OUR DOGS?      
Is it true that there is an old adage that dogs reflect their masters or, the other way, that the people resemble their pet dogs?

Dog breeds are grouped into some categories– the watch dogs, the hunting dogs and the toy breeds. People choose according to their choice , need & liking. Of course, many times the dogs character reflects their masters - if the master is rough and tough, he rears the dog as caged, chained and he becomes ferocious, and if the master is kind, he shares his home with him and it makes him friendly.    
Researchers found that members of the public could predict which breed of dog a person would own almost twice as accurately, just by looking at a photograph of their owners.

There is a little bit of truth in the theory that owners look like their dogs, but if you are of a robust build you will probably have a more robust dog so that you can get lots of exercise. If you are slighter you may want a poodle as you think it needs less exercise and if you are showing an Afghan - often it is quite an elegant person running round with them.
Whether it's a physical resemblance or a stylistic resemblance there are "classic examples" of people looking like their dog, such as seeing bigger dogs with bigger handlers. It does appear that, as in the case of selecting a spouse, people want a creature like themselves.
"It's not people coming to look like their dogs when they live together. Instead it's that people pick a dog that resembles them," explains Christenfeld, psychologists at the University of California San Diego.
However, personality tests revealed no such differences  and Dr Workman added: "What this study shows is that you shouldn't judge a person by their dog, but we all do."
But ... overall the dog owners were nicer or "more agreeable" than the general population, the only major personality difference the study found.



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