Bring Back Sparrows


March 20, is the World House Sparrow Day. Disappearance of these little birds points to a degrading ecosystem. They play the role of bio-indicators as well and help in keeping the environment clean.
The theme for this year's World Sparrow Day is “House The Sparrow!” as we want people to throw open their homes and make sparrows a part of their family.

Recreating a favorable atmosphere for nest building means that we need the sparrow to keep our ecosystem in balance, check the rodents, insects and pests; clean up the waste and pollinate plants. More importantly, it shows us how wrong we have been with the way we live, with no room or thought for other smaller creatures.
Birds are fun to watch. Providing food, shelter and water for them can bring hours of enjoyment and education to your family.  If you feed them, they will depend on you. If you provide plenty of food and water, you may attract more birds to your area than the surrounding habitat could support without you.
These days, too, birds have fewer natural sources of food than ever. So think of feeding birds as a very simple but important element of environmental responsibility.
 Enjoy the birds—you need them and they need you.
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