Insects - To Love Or Hate?


Many people don’t accept or like to live with insects. They are always thought as dangerous creatures and the cause for many dreaded diseases.
But, you can’t think of a world without these tiny creatures – in fact there will be no world at all.
20% -30% of the total animal biomass of this planet are made up of ants, termites & other insects, and one in every four animal species on this planet is a beetle. 
The world insect conjures up images of mosquitoes, cockroaches and house flies, but you cannot hate entire species just because a few of them are notorious. They are becoming more notorious as we spoiled the ecosystem. They became our competitor, eat the same food, eat our clothes, & inhabit our homes. In order to protect ourselves from them, we need to understand them. For example, Termites may not seem to benefit the home owner to any significant degree, but in the natural environment they aerate the soil, breakdown organic matter, improve soil fertility, and provide a source of protein for other living creatures. 
But, many useful  insects are pollinators, predators and parasites. Pollinators, such as honeybees, fertilize flowers, which increases the productivity of your plants. Predators, such as lady beetles and soldier bugs, consume pest insects as food. Parasites use pests as nurseries.
If there were no insects, there would be no food; of course, no flowers- no honey, no trees- no air and the chain will collapse. 
They are a crucial link of life that we can’t do without.


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