Pets & Children


It would be a pleasant memory if you could remember two episodes of  your life… one, the day you have shown your child an animal or bird and the other one, the day your growing puppy started absorbing the animals and birds in the living environment … try to recall the way they stared at  & the way they were amazed! 
It is still in my eyes that the way my little daughter looked at a dog and my puppy at a bird … pleasant experience. Isn’t it?
Children seem  like the animals & to realize that they are a part of life on this planet. In learning about animals, most children are also learning something about themselves.
              Whilst caring for pets they are learning these valuable lessons:
              They learn responsibility - That caring for a pet has to be done every day,
              not just when they feel like it.
             They learn that the animal depends on them
             They learn how different animals have different needs.
             They are so cute and soft and they give lots of kisses and 
             don't ask for anything in return, and
             that they must make time for their pet and even think of the pet before themselves.
If your child loves animals get a pet at home. Take him or her to visit zoos, safaris and even an animal hospital if you think you can handle it. Just keep a tab on all the interest your child displays and encourage them in a positive manner. Try and air those interests to become bigger than fancies. 
But one word of caution for very young children, for health and/or safety reasons, direct contact with outside animals may be limited.


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