Don't Gift A Pet.


Keeping a pet is a great commitment and requires compassion, patience, tolerance and little bit dedication - Don’t gift or accept a pet if people don’t have any such attitudes or traits. Gifting pets to such persons could end in tragedy and some pets suffer at the hands of their uninterested owners.
Friends and relatives pass on puppies or kittens as presents, without realizing it may not be a good idea.
Before gifting pets, think it twice :
Everyone in the family are animal lovers or at least ensure no one hates them;
They are in a permanent residence, preferably living in a separate house;
Are they prone for job transfers whether they shift their residence periodically?
If living in flats – ‘No Pet Rules ‘should not be there;
If both the spouse is working and whether the pet would be locked inside that when they go out;
A couple with just born baby, with no other seniors living with them
Yes. The choice to own a pet is one that is made after careful consideration of several factors, such as time taken to feed them, walk them, take them to the vet, and other financial factors such as food expenses, vaccine & medical expenses - Especially the availability of a trustworthy servant or caretaker for the pet when the family has to be away for some days.
Many such pets, without realizing the facts, gifted to friends & families often ends with the pet suffering serious neglect or abandonment  and  resulting in severe emotional distress or aggressive behavior. Some little pets like hamsters & birds are being squeezed by infants & young children, thinking those little creatures as toys.
The very painful fact that some are secretly abandoned on the streets by the recipients who couldn't manage them.
It is best to avoid gifting pets or wait till the family gets a pet on their own, after which you can shower them with toys or gifts for the pet that will always be appreciated and welcomed.


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