Do Animals Smile?

Whether you accept or not, but they do make you smile!

You've probably seen animals who look like they’re making certain facial expressions like a big, happy smile! Many animals have the ability to make their faces into smile – chimpanzees, for example, can often be seen with a grin! Dog also often seem to be smiling, such as when their mouths are open and they’re panting, A cat that is happy and content will squint its eyes and blink them slowly, equivalent to a human smile. and lots of other animals make happy-looking faces too.
Whether or not, an animal’s “smile” means the same thing to them as it does to us is something that scientists aren’t entirely sure about. Some researchers think that an animal’s use of what we call a smile means something different for the animal than it does to us. However, lots of scientists (and pet lovers!) have reason to believe that many animals who “smile” do so because they are happy! Lots of research shows that animals feel and show emotions, sometimes in ways similar to humans (like smiles) and sometimes in ways that are unique to the animal, like a dog that wags his tail or a cat who purrs contentedly!
Professor Nicholas Dodman, head of animal behavior at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine says that dogs even have a sense of humor and laugh with a kind of huffing sound. He describes a study that examines how playing recordings of this laughing sound actually calms shelter dogs.
They can smile but not all. Only a few animals like dog have been reported to smile. But anatomically animals can't smile. Their arrangement of the muscles and their long facial part of maxilla which restricts the muscles to move laterally outwards ; but some dogs who have shorter snout is been reported to have the attribute of smiling.
Non-human animals are more in tune with nature. They grieve just like anyone else- and have emotions like anyone else- but they accept it much faster, are able to move on, much faster, than humans. Not like us as we always get 'stuck" in our emotions. 
Smiling is the most beautiful and expressible thing done by any human. Most of the times it is at once .
Smiling is such a thing that makes us to feel good about ourselves & others too. ..That too with our loved ones, the one which give you an unconditional love….
So, do animals smile?  
Whether you accept or not, but they do make you smile!


R.Srishobana said...

yeah...i too accept that animals can smile...Thanks for sharing gud post...:D

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Site loads well. Good content and pics. Yes animals do smile! Mine do..

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Great site for animal lovers with many diverse elements that make it interesting and entertaining. Very nicely done. .

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This is one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. Really lovely - I have go to show this to my children. May I place a link in my site? Keep up the wonderful work of keeping the human species aware of the beauty around it..

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