Canine Commandments


Do not get a dog for the company, get a dog for a companion, they will give you their life, and they ask so little in return. I really enjoyed this note of Canine Commandments, written by  a great heart but the author unknown…... wherever he is - hats off to him.


Lisa said...

what a lovely site to visit, easy to navigate and even with all the graphics loads quick, well done.

Samantha said...

Officially one of my favorite blogs! So adorable and fun to go through. Easy to navigate and nice layout..

Frandoris said...

Love your is a relaxing and happy to look at..

David said...

Breath taking! Great statement. You bring a great message to us all. Colors and graphics well done. I like your site very much. .

Anonymous said...

I saw your Blog and couldn't escape to pen you. Really an awesome statement you have uploaded sir. 10 Commandments in Bible written by God with His own fingers are for entire Human Race. The 10 canine commandments are for Animal Lovers like us. Wonderful job you are doing sir, Hats off to you that you have created a special blog for us. Do continue the great job for ever. very very informative.
with regards
Bithiah from LC

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