Touching Dog Movies

Doggy Movie Does Magic!
Animals are wonderful and given the chance man and animal can form great bonds of 
love and affection and caring for each other. 

Some of the dog movies are so powerful and touching that we perceive such stories as being more naive, helpless and honest than more mature ones.
Everyone can watch movies like these  ‘A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies’, 'Marley & Me', ‘Air Bud’ but no one could ever stop crying. The tears just flow out of your eyes and they keep flowing…
The good thing about it is that you don’t cry because something bad happened. Your tears are happy, you cry because you feel glad. It teaches you not to be selfish. It’s okay if you cry but don’t cry for yourself. Cry because someone else has new friends; cry because people love each other. Watch it! 

These movies are not made to feel great, it’s not as fun as many other ones, it’s not as famous as ‘’ Titanic’’ and not everyone likes watching it but, they are special. It is special by a special way; it is different than any other. It does magic.
Our emotional brain takes over from our rational brain - Sometime You’ll need them understand oneself as a fine human being!


Anonymous said...

I am a Dog Lover. I am of the opinion that none other than a dog can show love & affection that way. I have been collecting all the dog movies. Most of them are clean, entertaining & touching. The movie that never allowed me to sleep is 'EIGHT BELOW' the thrilling tale of incredible friendship between eight amazing sled dogs and their guide. I sincerely thank you for bringing out the information reflecting the wonderful bond. Keep writing.

chuck said...

Excellent graphics!Very good graphics and color scheme! Nice animation as well!.

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