The Warm Puppy Days....


A million people walk in and out of our lives every day, but only a few manage to set their footprints in our hearts permanently. For dog lovers, I’m pretty sure that there would a large number of paw prints than foot prints. What I’m about to tell you now is one such story of how those tiny pink paws set a print in my heart forever.
Every only child in a family would yearn for a dog to love, to cuddle and to cry on. I was one of them. I wasn’t lucky enough until I was 15. There he was, a furry little bundle with scared yet curious green eyes looking into our faces and wondering what was happening. His green almond shaped eyes were adorned with pale pink lashes and he had a pink nose. It was the first time I held a squirming little fur ball in my arms. It was love at first sight.  I named him Harry.
And that was the day my life after Harry began. I could actually classify my family’s life into B.H and A.H, Before Harry and After Harry.
 photo HARRY_zps1d5577b3.gifThe story has begun and I’m sure, when you read through these pages you would go back to your own nostalgic memories and live them again.
It is amazing how a dog begins to trust everything he encounters, especially the Retrievers. With their soulful eyes and good-boy charms it’s in their nature to melt our hearts and to get what they want. As it was Harry’s first day home we welcomed him with a bowl of fresh milk. He was in my arms, cuddling and as the scent of the rich milk hit his nostrils, he closed his eyes and his nose started twitching in every direction possible. He squirmed again and fought to get down on the floor and ran his way to the bowl before skidding on the floor and sliding along all the way and bumped his head on the bowl, and lapped away happily. And as his tiny belly began to grow he relieved himself after a few minutes and came back to my mother searching for milk, again.
We weren’t aware of the Labrador’s crazy mentality towards food and my mother gave in after looking at his face and there was another bowl of milk set for him. I was amazed to see him totally forgetting the fact that he just had his fill about a few minutes ago and lapping at another bowl of milk tirelessly.
And that’s how we finished our entire supply of milk for the next day on that one night when my new little brother was drinking his fifth bowl of milk. This is when I knew he wasn’t that scared little fur ball I had met a few hours ago. He had accepted us as his family.
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aprajita mukherjee said...

Straight from the heart article!! just 1 word "Lovely"!!

Ishtiaque Alam said...

great piece of writing...simply awesum...

Nanak Singh said...

Nivya too z follwng ur footsteps, sir. Hr heart z brimful wd d GOD GIFTD treasure of LOVE. Gr8...

Vemulakonda Sai Krishna Rao said...

This would make any dog-lover smile with nostalgia. I recall what a friend once said "When you take care of them, Dogs repay you with the only currency they posess - Love and affection"

Vemulakonda Sai Krishna Rao said...

"Nivya Shekher If I understood you correctly Nivya, you might like to try out the James Herriot series of books - All Things Bright & Beautiful, All Creatures Great & Small, etc. They are written by a Vet and make for lovely reading. I am sure you'll love them."

Bindu Venugopal said...

"Congrats Nivya...Enjoyed d article....nostalgic too.."

Bithiah Samuel said...

Very interesting article

BarrySama said...

Am very impressed
Its beautiful
Keep the great writings

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