Watch Nature To Be Healthy!

   What We Don’t Understand Animals Do…  

Just 5 minutes doing something in a park, in the woods or even in your backyard can boost mental health, a 'live science' expert finds.
Many studies have shown that spending active time in the great outdoors is good for the mind. Humans have a deep-seated need for contact with nature, which researchers theorize provides relaxing down time for a brain that is otherwise overtaxed by modern pressures.
Live the life for happiness, spare some time to look around what’s happening, life will be really very beautiful...
Read the article that I enjoyed :
I feel my day is complete only when I spend some time with Jack, my pet dog. We always hang out together in the garden. I have also made it a hobby to feed the hungry birds who come to my garden and believe it or not, Jack helps me! One day as usual I picked up some grain in my hand and scattered it on the platform nearby, the birds ate all the grains and left a few.
I was back to the playing area with the ball, but Jack stood there and stared at the left-overs. I was puzzled and eager to know what was playing on his mind! I was surprised to see that the two squirrels in a nearby branch were also watching all this. In fact what really surprised me was that Jack never barked at them, but waited patiently to see what would happen. We hid behind the tree.
One of the squirrels came down to pick some grain; he ate and took a few in his hands. Then the other squirrel came down to pick the grains. They both continued doing this one after the other. In no time I rushed into my house to take my camera and I was happy that Jack did not disturb their eating. After taking some clicks I kept my camera aside and tracked their way secretly. Obviously I could not match squirrel's speed but I saw the squirrel's majestic residence which was in the second floor of my house. I was surprised at their intelligence. Jack could understand their hunger, but I didn’t. Then on, Jack would always nudge me to feed them first and only then he would agree to play.
Even these animals could understand each other and lead their life happily. They know to share what they have. Jack is my happiness he has taught me many valuable lessons. We people just run behind our busy schedule but we don’t even look at these small things happening around us. Life is so busy one should allocate time to relax. Live the life for happiness spare some time to look around what’s happening. Life will be really very beautiful.
Written by:
SS Poorani, Velammal Engineering College, Chennai.
Source: The Hindu, March 7, 2013 


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