Living With Nature, in the Yorkshire Dale (Part- I)

Only few in the world are gifted to live with unspoilt nature. I feel even thinking and sharing about such things infuses more oxygen into our emotions.

This blog derives the name ‘IF ONLY THEY COULD TALK’ from James Herriot’s book ‘ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL’
James Herriot who is James Alfred Wight, OBE, FRCVS has inspired me by his writing style and made every one vet to be proud of him and about their profession. 
The British Govt. has honoured him many ways, awarding him the highest honour OBE, carving his name on the mile stones via to his house, naming a railway station that is from his birthplace of Sunderland to London King's Cross and more.
That’s the one mesmerised my mind to start a blog like this.
I am fortunate to have my daughter visited the Herriot’s place the YORKSHIRE DALE, the place which could melt the minds of many people. My daughter NIVYA SHEKHER who is born in INDIA, works in ABUDHABI and has shared with her Dad in her email what she could feel about the other side of the world, the sceneries before .. and at Yorkshire Dale.
.... I stay somewhere near the mountains now. So I don’t get Wi-Fi. Right now I am sitting outside the cabin, on a wooden bench staring at the beautiful green mountains, most of them covered by tall thick trees. There are these tiny birds called swallows flying in search of food. They just flutter their wings and chirp all day long. All I can see in front of me are different shades of green , sometimes a stone cottage or two, with small glass windows and dim yellow lights and my favourite stone chimneys, an old lady wearing a soft pink dress and a matching hat.
 It's about 8 p.m. here and yet the sun is out. I guess even the sun feels bad to close its eyes on the beauty that is stretched out below. The grasslands are topped with small yellow flowers that sometimes from far look like gold flecks scattered on the grass. All so shiny and rich. I am in Eskadale right now, known as one of the more beautiful places in the UK. Wherever you are, you could hear the bleating of the sheep and the hum of the clear cold waters of the lakes. 
The cabin is beautiful. It's small & compact.  French windows on every wall adorned by lace white curtains, to admire the beauty around. Large warm couches are spread everywhere. There is a pub outside. Walls made of stone. Simple people. 
The drive to Eskdale was for 6 hours. We saw a few rabbits and foxes dead on the way, probably by fast vehicles. 
Aberdeen itself is beautiful. Rivers and lakes everywhere. We saw salmon jumping. When the waters of the river Dee join the sea, the salmons try to get back to the river by jumping over the rocks. It's a pretty sight. 
I went to the boot sale, where anybody could come and just sell their stuff. I got a lot of pretty souvenirs. I visited a few antique shops and charity shops.
Gift shops on the way to Eskadale were beautiful. This is the birthplace of so many great people, the Cockermouth is the birth place of William Wordsworth. And every part of this place speaks history. We visited this tiny hill shop that featured the products of a children's book author, it was such a pretty shop. Miniatures of rabbits wearing coats and glasses and cupcake houses. Pretty hill bird cage candle holders. Stuffed toys. Almost everything here depicts the nature and animals around.
Tomorrow I am off to Yorkshire dales. I'll send you all the pictures in the next email and a few more details...

to be continued, 


Lili said...

Great navegation, no questions un answerd, very clear and fast!! great job!.

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I like the choice of colors on this site. The template is good and the website is very well designed. It took just a little longer to load site contents, but I think that's okay given the images and content on your homepage. Good informative posts. All the best!.

kebhari said...

Nature images are so awesome.

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