Living With Nature, in the Yorkshire Dale (Part-II)

Part II
“I have wandered through the Yorkshire hills with veterinary doctor Herriot many times, mostly when I needed peace and an escape from my own depression and overwhelming melancholy. I can think of no books(s) outside of the Bible that is capable of providing such medicinal peace, and sheer goodness of spirit. “            - Norman Schell 
Yorkshire Dale  is my dream land.  It is a veritable fairyland. 
There are cloud-kissing peaks, dense forests, rushing streams, undulating emerald green plains, sudden drops, valleys and glades. Breathing air so fresh with grassy, nature’s fragrance, and feeling tranquility with sounds- yes sounds of streams, mooing of cows, and chirps of sparrows & cuckoos would be an experience of  heaven.   
Let me see what my daughter feels ….

I wish we could all posses a time traveler. I wish to back in time and see for myself , how beautiful the Dales would have been then, many decades ago. Though I doubt it would changed much. One will definitely feel like a different person when the fresh,cool air touches one's cheeks. And Oh! how I wish i were a sheep, to mindlessly graze all day long and when I'm tired of feeding on the soft and succulent green grass I would just plop down on the ground and may be enjoy a nap. The sheep seem to have a schedule of their own. Mindless of the people passing by and of the cars huffing and puffing on the steep mountains. They do not so  much as even twitch their ears as if they do not want to waste their time and energy which they could rather spend on passionately chewing the grass. And when I drove along the narrow yet beautiful roads all I could remember was how Dr. Herriot had enjoyed lying down on the grass and looking up at the wide open  sky. And I felt like a whole new person. I was happier than ever and grabbed as much exercise as I could without being bored.

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