Laugh @ Live Longer!

Dear Friend
As of today, my blog is now 4 years old!
When I first started blogging back in October 2009, I did not expect my blog to grow this long,
But here I am!
You are, one among the almost one lac visitors out of 192 countries in the world.
It would not have been possible without your support and encouragement.
Thanks so much for that!

                LAUGH @ LIVE LONGER !            

Laughing is nature's opiate.
Whenever we laugh, our brain releases endorphins. This helps reduce stress and keeps us generally happy. It just makes it easier to deal with life, so, yes, we need it.
I want you to be happy. Because happiness is what you deserve more than anything.
Have a break
and enjoy here some of the animal pictures which made me laugh!


Kailashi Harshad Shah said...


Manav Prakash said... words....loved to watch this as I m too fond of animals specially dogs!!!!

ddp said...

Excellent collection.


Dr. I really enjoyed. Very nice collection.

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Blogger Liara Covert said...

It’s amazing how many different ways exist to explore creativity. Your blog reminds visitors that they are unlimited beings with much untapped potential. Keep smiling and inspiring people.